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Recovering your EasyJet invoice

Tom Bengaouer
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EasyJet is one of Europe's largest low-cost airlines, serving more than 30 countries around the world. It is known for offering affordable flights to its customers, but also for its transparent and easy-to-understand bills. In this article, we will take a closer look at EasyJet's bills and what they include.

First of all, it is important to know that EasyJet invoices are available online, in the customer's personal space, on the airline's website. Customers can view or download them in PDF format at any time. EasyJet invoices are generated automatically after each flight and include all relevant booking, payment and flight information.

The EasyJet invoice includes several key elements: 

  • Booking details: passenger name, travel dates, destination and flight number
  • Base fee: the initial cost of the booking, which usually includes the ticket price and processing fee
  • Additional charges: optional charges, such as checked baggage fees, reserved seats or travel insurance
  • Taxes and fees:  government taxes and airport fees, which are included in the ticket price
  • Discounts: any discounts applied to the booking, such as group discounts or special offers
  • Total: the total cost of the reservation, including all fees, taxes and discounts

Steps to take to retrieve your EasyJet invoice

An EasyJet invoice is an essential document for your accounting or for your refund. To retrieve your EasyJet invoice, you must first go to the EasyJet website. Log in to your EasyJet account using your login and password. In the "My trips" section, click on the flight for which you wish to retrieve the invoice. Then click on the "Invoice" button. 

EasyJet invoice: how to download and print an EasyJet invoice?

Once you are logged in to the website, you must log in to your EasyJet account to download and print your invoice. In the "My trips" section, choose the flight for which you wish to retrieve the invoice. Click on the "Invoice" button to download your invoice in PDF format. Open the PDF file and click on "File" and then "Print" to print your invoice. You can also save it to your computer or smartphone.

How do I request an EasyJet payment confirmation? 

Once you have placed your order, if you would like to receive a confirmation, simply use the "Email me my full payment confirmation (PDF)" link to the right of your booking confirmation email. The payment confirmation contains the details of your reservation with all the options you have purchased.

To change the name or address on the payment confirmation, first update your account information in the "Your Reservations" section. Then find your reservation and use the "Email me this information" link to have your reservation confirmation sent back to you.

How do I get an EasyJet invoice if I booked with a travel agent?

If you did not book directly with EasyJet, but made your reservation through a travel agent or other third party, EasyJet Customer Service cannot give you this information directly. You will need to contact your provider directly so that they can send you the payment information you request. 

How to retrieve an EasyJet invoice with VAT  

If you wish to retrieve your EasyJet invoice including VAT calculations, you can do so in your personal space "My trips". 

If you booked your trip through a travel agency, you should contact them directly and they will be able to provide you with an invoice including the VAT calculation

If you have booked through EasyJet services, but you cannot find your invoice including the VAT calculation, please contact EasyJet support directly and they will be able to answer your requests. 
Please note that for such requests, it can take up to 15 days (30 days in the UK) to create and send invoices with VAT.


EasyJet invoices are easily accessible online and provide all important booking, payment and flight information. Customers can download and print their EasyJet invoice by logging into their EasyJet account and accessing the "My Travel" section.

Customers can also request a payment confirmation for their EasyJet invoice or an invoice with VAT calculation by making the request in their personal area or by contacting EasyJet support directly.
EasyJet invoices offer transparency and clarity which is highly appreciated by the customers of this low cost airline.

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