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Retrieve a SCNF invoice

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In this article, we will explain how to retrieve an SNCF invoice for your business trips. If you have ever taken the train for business trips, you know how difficult it can be to get a detailed receipt for your transportation costs. We'll walk you through the steps involved in retrieving an SNCF invoice, as well as the benefits it can offer your company. Whether you need to retrieve an SNCF invoice or a receipt, we're here to help. Follow the guide!

Recovering an SNCF purchase receipt

The SNCF offers a simple solution for retrieving an invoice or proof of purchase when traveling on business. The order confirmation email is used as proof of purchase on the site, whether for train tickets, bus tickets, discount cards or a Navigo pass. Tickets, whether in the form of a paper ticket or an e-ticket, are also considered as proof of purchase.

In case of order cancellation, the cancellation confirmation email can also be used as an invoice or proof of purchase.

However, it should be remembered that VAT on transport is not recoverable in France. Nevertheless, the SNCF provides an invoice or detailed proof of purchase with information on the trip, thus facilitating the management of transport expenses and the monitoring of professional costs.

If you have travelled by TGV between France and Spain, it is important to note that the VAT on the Spanish part of the journey is recoverable by clicking on this link

Recover a SCNF travel document

It is important to distinguish between a travel document and a proof of purchase or invoice. While the proof of purchase and the invoice simply prove that you have purchased a ticket, the travel document proves that you have actually travelled by train. This document is provided by the carriers (TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS, TER, TGV LYRIA) and remains available for 2 months after the date of your last trip.

To download your travel document, you can connect between 24 and 48 hours after your trip to your "customer account". You can also download it directly via the "tickets" section. Please note that if you download your travel document from your customer account, it will be kept for 1 year, except for TER trips for which it will only be available for 2 months.

However, some carriers such as EUROSTAR, THALYS, OUIGO, FLIXBUS or BLABLACAR BUS do not provide travel documents. It is therefore important to find out before booking your ticket to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Exchange, modify or cancel an SNCF ticket

If you wish to modify, exchange or cancel your train ticket, everything depends on the fare conditions of your carrier, whether it is TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS, TER or other.

To do so, please have your file reference and the name you used when you placed your order ready. If you purchased your ticket by phone, you can exchange or cancel it at a self-service kiosk, online or by calling 3635.

To make your changes, you can also go directly to our SNCF points of sale on the Internet, at the station or at an approved travel agency.

As for the reimbursement of your train ticket, the conditions vary depending on the carrier and the original purchase channel. For travel on TGV INOUI, TER, INTERCITÉS or in Europe, please consult the corresponding information. However, for OUIGO tickets, no refund is possible.


Retrieving an SNCF invoice or travel receipt may seem tedious, but it is an important step in managing business expenses. The SNCF offers a simple solution for obtaining these documents, either via the purchase confirmation email or by uploading the travel receipt to your customer account. It is important to find out about the fare and refund conditions before booking your train ticket, and to be careful of carriers that do not provide proof of travel. By following these steps, you can simplify the management of your travel expenses and ensure that your company is in compliance with tax regulations.

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