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Book, manage,
and control business travel
like a pro

Save travel money and stop wasting your time

Fairjungle is the ultimate modern travel companion for both business travellers and managers.

We take care of business travellers, all the way through their journey, while managers can rest easy as travel management runs on autopilot thanks to our state-of-the-art platform.

Travellers love us – our proprietary technology and forward-thinking UX allow them to book a trip in less than one minute.

Managers love us too – our dynamic travel policy and off-the-charts adoption rate drive travel costs down and spend visibility up.

Oh, and also, our prices are unbeatable. We've partnered with the best suppliers out there to make sure you will not be able to find a cheaper flight elsewhere.

run the magic
Travel on autopilot

You no longer need to worry about your employees' travel choices. Our technology uses real-time market prices and sets dynamic budgets for each business trip.

One vendor, one invoice

Find all your travel-related data and invoices in the one place. One supplier, one invoice, one centralised reporting system: you no longer need to chase employee expenses.

World's best booking experience

Discover the most user-friendly booking experience on the planet. Our state-of-the-art platform, built by ex-Apple engineers and designers, powers the smartest and fastest business travel engine in the market.


Track and control your travel spend in real-time thanks to our centralised dashboard.

Travel spend analytics

Track and get exhaustive visibility on your travel spend, by type, cost center, or even supplier.
All in real-time.

Our advanced algorithms find the fair price of each business trip based on live market prices and the comfort level you want to offer to your teams.

Approve only when you need to with all the required data you need (real-time budget, trip purpose, cheaper alternatives). All this in just one tap.

Focus on business, not on travel

Every business traveller knows it, corporate travel is a pain: lengthy booking process, opaque prices, poor service... It's high time to turn things around and trust the travel agency of the 21st century - and beyond.

In fact, we take it to the next-level: we don't just book flights, our AI-powered platform predicts the flight you will need for your upcoming business trips. We don't just set static budget rules, we define a dynamic budget for each trip, based on the real-time market conditions.

Last but not least, we save your employees time and money. They are notified if they need to (travel alerts, check-in reminders...) and can manage their trips in a few taps, whether they are on the road or in the office

Predictive booking

Find your flight, train and/or hotels in a few seconds, thanks to our AI-powered recommendation engine.

Travel on autopilot

No need to have a travel policy. Let us take care of it and generate huge savings.

24/7 customer service

Need help? Our customer service is available 24/7, by e-mail, chat or even by phone.

Discounted rates

Benefit from our negotiated prices (up to 20% cheaper than public prices).

Easy accounting

Personnalise your cost centers and project codes and facilitate your accounting processes

Traveller profiles

Travellers benefit from a personalised experience, reflecting their individual and travel preferences

Flexible payment options

Pay with your corporate card or through Direct Debit (SEPA)

Control Center

Manage your employees, travel policy, invoices, and reporting, at any time

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