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How Fairjungle helps Agicap

Agicap fuels business growth through effective cash management. Founded in 2016, raised $121 million since 2019, with 550+ employees.

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With over 200 travelers in France and Europe, the logistical challenge was enormous. Agicap needed a tool that would save time in managing their employees' travel, expense accounts and expenses.

Going through a traditional agency with so many travelers considerably increases agency costs and their employees' travel budgets, which created a need for cost regulation and visibility on each trip.

Agicap also had a major lack of visibility on the cost, environmental impact and time spent managing their travel. To best manage the reservations of their fleet of travelers, and to anticipate as far as possible any complications they might encounter, they needed detailed reports on the booking and smooth running of each trip.


Thanks to Fairjungle's detailed reporting on each of its trips, Agicap was able to gain total visibility over its travels. Whether in terms of costs, carbon emissions or problems a traveler may encounter. They are now able to manage their bookings more effectively and anticipate future issues to reduce their impact.

"Fairjungle is a trusted partner that supports Agicap's daily growth. It's an easy-to-use platform that allows us to manage our trips seamlessly, with savings to boot. Thank you to the whole Fairjungle team!"

Pierre Perrin, Global Office Manager, Agicap.

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