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How Fairjungle helps 20minutes

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Managing the company's travel was a real challenge for them, financially, logistically and ecologically. By using a traditional agency, it was very difficult for them to meet the specific needs of their employees, in addition to being very costly. It is therefore very important for the media to optimize their travel budget and considerably reduce agency costs.

To best manage the media company's 100 travelers, it needs a booking platform that is fast, efficient and intuitive. With a customer service that can adapt to any traveler request, even the most specific.

Ecological issues are playing an increasingly important role in corporate policies, and with so many people travelling across France, Europe and the world, it was also very important for the newspaper to be able to monitor the carbon consumption of each of its employees.


The cost optimization strategy implemented over the last few months has enabled 20minutes to considerably reduce its costs, reaching a 34% reduction!

In addition to reducing costs, 20minutes has been able to gain greater autonomy in its travels, while improving the travel experience for its employees. Time savings were also observed in accounting management, with a significant reduction in expense claims thanks to Fairjungle's automation.

Detailed reports on each traveler's carbon emissions give the newspaper a clear and constant view of their ecological impact. This visibility makes it possible to highlight potential areas for improvement, and is essential when implementing a travel policy.

"We have finally found a partner capable of adapting to our needs, whether urgent or specific to the media, with a dynamic team that is always ready to listen."

François Bernabeu, General Services Manager, 20minutes.

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