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Do you need flight cancellation insurance for your trip?

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Whether you're used to traveling by plane or not, you should always take the time to prepare your trip to make sure you don't forget anything. However, many travelers forget one essential element: their flight cancellation insurance! It's not desirable to encounter this type of unforeseen event, but a plane journey is planned well in advance. It is therefore possible to encounter unforeseen circumstances before your departure, forcing you to cancel or postpone your trip.

So how do you choose the right flight cancellation cover? Here are the keys to making the right decision and traveling with peace of mind!

How does flight cancellation insurance work?

Generally speaking, flight cancellation insurance allows you to benefit from reimbursement of your cancellation costs, covering you for any reason beyond your control.

However, if you've never taken out cancellation insurance for your air travel, it's not easy to find your way around. Let's start with the most important thing: your insurance coverage. When can you get a refund thanks to your flight cancellation insurance?

  • Illness or death of yourself or a close relative
  • Quarantine in the event of an epidemic
  • Major damage to your home
  • Finding or losing a new job
  • Theft of identity papers 48 hours before flight departure
  • Transportation problems (breakdown, accident) on the way to the airport
  • Official summons (e.g. exam)
  • Unforeseeable event with proof

You can therefore benefit from flight cancellation cover in many unforeseeable situations. The cover will take care of your plane tickets, but comprehensive cancellation insurance will also reimburse you for accommodation, car rental and excursions. So it's important to compare the various benefits to find the contract best suited to your needs.

However, you won't be able to cancel your trip unless you give a specific reason for doing so. A simple change of mind will not entitle you to the coverage provided by your flight insurance. What's more, certain cancellation conditions will be handled directly by the airline without you having to apply to your travel insurance.

  • Strike
  • Flight cancellation
  • Overbooking

Why should I take out flight cancellation insurance before I leave?

If you're not used to traveling, you're probably wondering why it's important to take out flight cancellation insurance when you've already planned your trip and want to be well prepared.

Unfortunately, unforeseen events can happen very quickly, leaving you with no choice but to revise your plans. In this case, it's important to take a little time to take out flight cancellation insurance, which will cover you financially and save you the hassle of a tricky situation. It's important to take out your policy as early as possible, as the cover extends from the day you take out the policy to the day you leave. This means you'll benefit from effective coverage in the event of unforeseen circumstances that could arise at any time.

If you're planning a trip by plane, take the time to compare the different offers, listing your needs to avoid any major oversights. You'll then need to compare contracts to find the most suitable one and protect yourself as soon as you book your flight.

When should you choose your flight cancellation insurance?

You can take out flight cancellation insurance with your chosen airline, but you can also use an outside provider if conditions are more favorable. Whatever your choice, you'll need to keep your insurance policy number with you in case of need.

If you need to call on your flight cancellation insurance, enter the contract number and the reason for cancellation, together with the necessary supporting documents to start the procedure and obtain your flight refund cover as quickly as possible.

You may be required to present a medical certificate, hospital report, supporting letter, summons or copies of bills, so don't forget the papers you need for your stay.

However, if your flight is cancelled by the airline, you won't need to provide any proof. The airline will compensate you, while covering you for certain ancillary costs related to the flight cancellation, according to the conditions indicated on your flight ticket.

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