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Air ticket insurance to protect against the unexpected

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Planning a trip isn't always easy, and long-haul destinations will require you to plan your journey well in advance to take advantage of the best prices, while still being able to book your accommodation easily. But organizing a trip can also lead you to encounter unforeseen circumstances and have to reschedule or cancel your journey. Unfortunately, some airline tickets won't allow you to change or cancel your flight easily, so you'll need to find other solutions to protect yourself. 

Have you already taken out cancellation insurance? This option provides you with coverage for air travel, and saves you another source of worry. So how do you choose the one that's right for you, and what's the best option for getting organized?

What is air ticket insurance to secure your trip?

Before we help you find the best air ticket insurance for you, here are a few things you should know. This type of air travel security allows you to obtain reimbursement of your plane tickets in the event of unforeseen circumstances, but does not take into account your other reservations, such as accommodation.

Of course, if you're planning a trip, it's usually your intention not to cancel at the last minute, but certain situations, such as a death in the family, a new job or vacation cancellations, can call into question the dates set for your flight.

Air ticket insurance can help you get your booking refunded in the event of unforeseen circumstances, and air flight coverage will depend on the contract and conditions. You can, for example, obtain a percentage or a lump sum. Air ticket insurance is not compulsory, however, so it's important to think about your needs and decide whether you need security for your air travel, or whether you don't need it at all.

However, don't forget that if your flight is cancelled by the airline, it's not your ticket insurance that pays for the refund, but the airline you're planning to travel with!

How does your air ticket insurance cover work?

Are you planning a trip by plane, and want to protect yourself as best you can to avoid new sources of worry in the event of the unexpected? Air ticket insurance may be the right solution, but you need to know what conditions are covered to effectively claim your tickets. So what is the coverage for an air flight?

  • Medical reasons: in the event of illness or death of a loved one, the insurance will cover the costs to enable you to travel earlier or later, depending on the health reasons.
  • Damage to your home: in the event of a serious incident at your primary or secondary residence, you can be covered for theft.
  • Professional reasons: in the event of redundancy, cancellation of leave by the employer, or a new job, you can benefit from security for your air travel.
  • If summoned to court.
  • Visa refusal: if you can no longer travel because of your visa, you can obtain a refund of your tickets.

Air ticket insurance covers you in many situations, making it easier for you to obtain reimbursement for your flight. You can take out insurance with the airline you choose to travel with, or use an outside company to arrange your flight cover.

However, travel cancellation insurance should not be confused with flight insurance. Flight insurance only covers your plane tickets, whereas travel insurance also covers your accommodation and certain ancillary bookings, depending on the terms and conditions of your contract.

Purchasing air travel insurance is often a low-cost affair, costing between 3% and 6% of your ticket price, and you'll have access to a deductible for reimbursements. Travel is often booked well in advance, so it's important to take out air travel insurance to protect you in the event of unforeseen circumstances when the time comes.

If you're not sure which insurance to choose, here are a few ideas on how to find out more and compare offers to suit your needs.

But if you prefer to secure your accommodation as well, you'll need to take out a travel assistance package to cover several bookings. The cost will be higher, but this will enable you to protect a larger budget. However, before you make any reservations, be sure to check what cover you already have with your insurance company and your bank, as some contracts may contain certain conditions for air ticket insurance!

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