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Why organize a residential seminar for your employees?

Tom Bengaouer
Responsable Communication & Marketing

A company develops with the help of collaborators and the investment of each person working for your project. It is therefore important to find solutions to support your teams, train them and give them the necessary tools to improve their productivity.

So how can you help your teams work properly by offering them a different experience? You can take the time to organize a corporate seminar by going for a residential seminar. But what is it and how to organize an effective residential seminar? We have prepared an article with valuable tips on how to do this.

Understanding the importance of the residential seminar

Organizing a corporate seminar allows you to offer a different experience to your teams while taking care to reach your objectives. But for this to be effective, it is important to target the right type of seminar according to your needs and expectations.

For example, it is possible to offer a residential seminar to allow your employees to focus on the objectives of the seminar while enjoying each activity. Indeed, this type of seminar will change the daily routine by offering a collective moment. The residential seminar is therefore a very good way to strengthen ties and encourage meetings between the various participants.

You can thus launch into the organization of this type of corporate seminar for different objectives 

  • To train your teams
  • To improve cohesion
  • Boost motivation and productivity
  • To set up an integration
  • To promote a management or executive project

Indeed, a residential seminar can allow you to organize one or more days with sessions dedicated to work and productivity, and sessions dedicated to relaxation and discovery of each participant. This will help you improve team cohesion more easily by encouraging communication.

This type of corporate seminar allows you to gather your teams outside your premises to offer an original setting and a complete service. This makes the difference with a classic corporate seminar, the residential seminar allows each participant to enjoy a real disconnection to invest in his stay.

But the residential seminar is not only a place to get away from it all to allow participants to focus on the activities present. It will help you to improve the cohesion of your team by proposing group activities, a warm setting and an organization taking care of everything (accommodation, meals, activities).

Each participant will learn to work with different people, with different characters and complementary skills. It is not a question of testing the teams but of getting them to work together to strengthen the bonds and to have the desire to concentrate on a common objective. The breaks and meals will allow everyone to exchange and break the barrier of hierarchy between the different participants.

It is therefore important to organize a residential seminar if you want to improve the cohesion between your participants and enjoy a better productivity in terms of objectives.

But how to organize this residential seminar and take advantage of its benefits?

How to organize a residential seminar for your employees ?

To set up an effective residential seminar, you will need to pay special attention to the location of the seminar. Indeed, you will need to choose a hotel or seminar room with good space and the necessary equipment for your activities. You should not forget to take into account the accommodation and this will often lead you to look for a hotel with meeting spaces.

So take the time to check out certain elements such as the meeting rooms with equipment for your activities, the rooms, the meal offers, and the additional services such as parking for example.

Of course, before choosing your ideal venue for a residential seminar, you will need to set your objectives and your budget taking into account your different criteria. So don't hesitate to take your time to prepare the residential seminar by listing the important elements, especially the duration!

However, we do not recommend that you go for a semi-residential seminar, which might interest you to save money. Indeed, this format will not allow you to take advantage of all the services in the same place such as meals (lunch and dinner), breaks during the day or even the availability of some meeting rooms for your activities.

It is therefore very important to choose a residential seminar to centralize all the organization in the same place and allow participants not to travel all day. This will help to focus on the content of the corporate seminar and not to spread out by proposing different locations and heavier logistics.

And if you don't know how to optimize the organization of your residential seminar, don't hesitate to call upon a professional who will accompany you at every step!

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