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Why choose to organize an original corporate seminar?

Tom Bengaouer
Responsable Communication & Marketing

If you are looking to develop your company, the corporate seminar is the ideal solution! Indeed, this event allows you to take advantage of many benefits to improve teamwork, but also the productivity of your employees.

However, to take advantage of an efficient seminar, you will need to devote time to it, especially for a good organization. You will have to define your objectives, your needs and your budget before launching into the concrete implementation of your seminar. But how to optimize this event and offer a unique moment to the participants? By going for an original corporate seminar perhaps?

The original company seminar: good or bad idea?

If you want to stand out during an event, the main element to put forward is originality. This particular element will help you to stand out and make an impression easily, provided that you manage to choose the right element to make you stand out.

And to make the right choices, you need to understand why an original corporate seminar is important for your business. So why organize a seminar and still want to work on originality?

A seminar is above all an excellent management tool. It allows you to reach many objectives provided you know how to organize it well, and for that you need to set an objective before anything else.

  • Improve cohesion
  • To propose a training
  • Integrate a new team into your company

Once this step is completed, you will need to determine your needs and expectations in order to find a suitable venue and organize your seminar properly. For example, it is advisable to choose a location outside your premises to allow participants to meet in a new setting conducive to meetings and creativity.

Next, you will need to choose activities that are adapted to the objectives of your corporate seminar and if you want to offer an unforgettable experience, think about being original!

Indeed, a seminar will have positive repercussions for your company, but you will not be able to organize them regularly, so each seminar must be particularly effective and appreciated to motivate your employees. For this, an original company seminar is the best solution because you will be able to stand out and make your teams spend a pleasant moment during a seminar of one or more days.

So how to set up an effective original corporate seminar if the original part is a mystery to you?

Some tips to organize your original company seminar

To mark the spirits with an original company seminar, you have several solutions.

  • Original setting: originality can simply be achieved through an atypical setting, a special meeting room or even an outdoor seminar if the weather permits! This will surprise the participants as soon as they arrive and the whole of your corporate seminar will be under the sign of originality!
  • Original activity: proposing an original activity during the seminar will be a pleasant surprise for the participants who will not fail to invest themselves in what you are presenting in order to fully enjoy it! You will then have productive and invested participants thanks to an original proposal.
  • Original evening: you can propose an original evening or meal to your teams outside the workshops of the corporate seminar to surprise them and leave them with a good memory of this stay.

But it is quite possible to be original with a surprise invitation or an expert who can leave a lasting impression!

You will have understood, originality is possible if you propose an unexpected content or a place to the participants, and it is not easy when you lack ideas! So here are some proposals that will go perfectly with the organization of an original company seminar.

o A beach as a seminar venue

o A gala evening to close the seminar

o An original accommodation: tepee, camping...

o Activities in the middle of nature: horse riding, boating, visit of a medieval village

o Sports activities: karting, soccer, kayaking

o Workshops: escape game, museum, pottery or cooking workshop, photobooth

The options are numerous and you can choose which original element to add to your corporate seminar depending on the desired program or your objectives during this event. Just keep the following options for future seminars!

If you are afraid of making a mistake in the organization of the seminar, you can call upon a professional who will help you to set up everything, but also to find original activities or guests to surprise your teams. All you have to do is to start organizing an original corporate seminar to surprise your guests and make them want to invest in each activity!

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