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What you need to know about travel health before you leave

Tom Bengaouer
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Are you planning a trip abroad? Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you need to get organized before you leave. It takes time and personal investment to prepare everything properly. But it's also possible to forget certain important elements, such as taking out travel health insurance. You may never have signed a health contract for a holiday, but in the event of accident or illness, it could be a great help in avoiding being left to fend for yourself.

So how do you organize your travel health? What do you need to think about, and what insurance should you choose for the best protection? That's what we're going to find out!

What do you need to think about for your travel health before you leave?

Planning a trip abroad? What do you need to think about for your travel health? If you're traveling in Europe, social security will cover most medical expenses, so you don't need to take out health insurance. However, if this is not the case, we strongly advise you to find out more about it, so that your medical expenses can be covered.

But before we help you choose the right health insurance, let's take a moment to list the things you need to prepare and check when traveling abroad to take care of your travel health.

  • Find out about health recommendations in your destination country to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Check your vaccinations and the requirements for your destination country, so that you can plan injections in advance if necessary.
  • Apply for a European Health Insurance Card if you are staying in Europe.
  • Don't forget your usual medicines to treat mild symptoms, without worrying about issuing treatment in the destination country.

These elements will help you prepare for your trip by taking the time to learn about the recommendations in force, and will make it much easier for you to take the right steps for your travel health.

But should it stop there, or can you protect yourself more effectively to avoid a bad experience in the event of accident or illness? We strongly advise you to take out health insurance to ensure that you receive the right help when you need it, and that you don't have to worry about anything else. However, you'll need to choose your policy carefully, and here's some advice to help you do just that!

Why take out travel health insurance?

Whatever your destination and the reason for your stay abroad, accidents can happen. A fall could land you in hospital, or you could contract an illness that could easily turn your experience into an unpleasant one. In the event of health problems, there's no need to add to the stress of seeking medical attention. And yet, left to your own devices, the situation can quickly turn into a nightmare!

Indeed, many countries do not cover medical expenses, so you have to pay in advance, which can amount to several thousand euros for treatment of a health problem that is not life-threatening. Many travellers find themselves in a delicate situation when it comes to treating a fracture, paying for an overnight stay in hospital or financing standard treatments such as medical cream.

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, you can take out health insurance and look after your health when you travel! There are many different contracts available, so you'll need to take a little time to compare the different offers and select the one you need according to your criteria.

  • Destination and length of stay
  • Persons to be insured
  • Medical care needs

Start by listing your needs and profile before visiting an insurance comparison site, as this will help you save time. You can then request quotes for your travel health insurance and review the terms and conditions of your contract before signing. This option is essential if you want to travel abroad with peace of mind, benefiting from long-distance care and coverage of medical expenses to help you get treatment easily, whatever the accident or illness you suffer. So don't wait any longer to prepare for your trip by taking care of your travel health!

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