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Travel insurance comparison: a practical guide

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Planning a trip? Whether it's a family vacation, a business trip or a solo adventure, travel insurance is essential to protect you against unforeseen events such as cancellations, medical problems abroad or loss of luggage.

Before taking out any insurance, you should first check whether your bank card offers adequate travel insurance. If it doesn't, you'll need to look at other solutions! To make things easier for you, we've put together a travel insurance comparison to help you examine the various options available.

Visa premier travel insurance

Among the most comprehensive travel insurances, here's the Visa Premier bank card insurance. It covers accidents, plane or train delays, cancellation or interruption of your stay, and even loss of luggage.

Caught a virus just before you left? Your trip cancellation or postponement costs can be reimbursed with your Visa Premier card. You've rented a car for your vacation and, unluckily, someone has stolen it? Visa Premier vehicle insurance covers this unexpected event!

In the event of illness abroad, you may need to be repatriated. Here, too, our insurance will help you by arranging transport under the best possible medical conditions. Do you have to be treated locally? By notifying your Visa Premier card insurance, it will reimburse the part of the costs incurred that are not covered by insurance organizations.

Mastercard gold travel insurance

The Gold Mastercard will come in handy in many situations. Flight or train delays, damage to your rental car, lost luggage, broken skis while skiing, accident or illness...

There are many advantages to choosing the Gold Mastercard, which covers you in all these unforeseen circumstances by offering reimbursement of your trip, coverage of local medical expenses and a rescue and repatriation option.

In the event of accidental death or permanent disability resulting from an accident during your trip, you can claim up to 310,000 euros if the accident occurred on public transport, and 46,000 euros if you were in a rental car. You are also covered by third-party liability insurance abroad in the event of material, immaterial or bodily damage caused to a third party.

Mutuaide Travel Insurance

Mutuaide can insure what's essential to you, allowing you to choose between several formulas: Professional travel insurance, Group travel insurance, Tourist travel insurance, etc.

If you don't know which one to choose, just let their Travel Assistant guide you to the offer best suited to your needs. Like most travel insurances, you'll be covered for lost or stolen luggage, an impossible vacation departure or return, and protection in the event of illness or accident.

The advantage of choosing Mutuaide travel insurance is that you can customize it to suit your needs, thanks to the different formulas on offer.

Chapka Travel Insurance

Chapka insurance lets you insure yourself online in just a few minutes. Like Mutuaide, it lets you tailor your insurance to the type of trip you're taking: alone or in a group, for a business trip or a road-trip to the ends of the earth, there's plenty to choose from with Chapka.

For short-term business trips, the Cap Assistance 24/24 package is ideal because it's so comprehensive. It gives you access to optimum medical coverage, Covid-19 guarantees, repatriation insurance, search and rescue expenses, luggage insurance, and even the possibility of online medical teleconsultation!

Mondial assistance travel insurance

Allianz Travel is the world leader in travel insurance in France and abroad. It even offers special insurance for your professional and business trips. You benefit from a trip cancellation option if you can no longer travel, including in the event of illness linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, compensation for damaged, lost or stolen luggage, as well as organization of your repatriation in the event of problems on site, or coverage of your medical expenses up to €300,000.

Macif Travel Insurance

Macif doesn't offer specific travel insurance, but it does provide you with a wide range of coverages that may be useful to you. If you already have comprehensive home insurance with Macif, for example, you're automatically covered with third-party liability insurance. You may also have a health insurance policy with Macif, in which case you can be reimbursed for medical expenses incurred abroad.

How can I get a travel refund?

If you have taken out travel insurance, you have the option of requesting reimbursement based on the cover provided by your policy.

To qualify, your travel insurance company will ask you to keep all the documents required to review your file, such as :

●       transport invoices ;

●       ordinances ;

●       medical invoices ;

●       vehicle rental invoices.

When it comes to transport and accommodation, find all our tips here for :

●       retrieve your Trainline invoice

●       retrieve your Airfrance invoice

●       retrieve your Thalys invoice

●       collect your Eurostar invoice

●       collect your SNCF invoice

●       retrieve your Booking invoice

●       recover your Airbnb invoice

●       retrieve your Easyjet invoice

Please note that the more complete your file, the faster it will be processed.

Taking out travel insurance is much more than a simple administrative formality; it's above all a question of security. In a world where the unpredictable can happen at any time, making sure you have adequate protection during your travels and business trips abroad is essential. Don't leave your travel destiny to chance, but opt for security and peace of mind by taking out travel insurance tailored to your needs!

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