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Managing expenses today requires adapted tools. Far from tickets or excel tables, companies need solutions adapted to their needs.

Today, several applications allow you to avoid spending hours filling in an Excel spreadsheet and make your task easier. These expense report solutions are real technological tools that allow you to optimize your budget processing for your business trips.

Choosing the right expense management solution is still tedious, that's why we offer you a list of the best applications to manage your budget during your business trips.  It's up to you to choose between these 5 tools that will make your task more pleasant.

1. Spendesk

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It is the tool that takes into account both the employees by giving them autonomy in their expenses and the financial administration by giving it control and a vision of all expenses made. This application allows you to manage all your professional expenses, it is a real budgetary tool that goes beyond the standard processing of expense reports. Thanks to its technology you will be able to follow and manage your expenses in real-time but also take advantage of the service of physical and virtual payment cards. This system will allow you to use a unique ephemeral card for each of your transactions in total security.

2. N2F

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It is an application specialized in international business travel. It allows you to connect at any time with the "offline" mode and offers an automatic conversion in 170 currencies according to the exchange rate. For more uses, N2F offers its application in 11 different languages, proof of its international link. It also brings more security to the traveler by proposing a synchronization of the photos directly on the customer space. And for even more speed, you can use the "ultra-pressed" mode to enter your expenses without finalizing your action, the application will automatically remind you later.

3. Jenji

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It is the solution for managing expense reports in real-time. You will be able to fill in your documents, whether it is for classic expenses, mileage expenses, or even business card management, Jenji will allow you to organize your expenses. All digitized invoices can be processed at the moment thanks to the data orientation. Thanks to this application you will not have to waste time, and can use it according to your situation, whether you are an accountant or an employee.

4. Expensya

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It is the application that takes care of your company's expenses at 360°. Expensya has rethought the processing of expense reports by automating each step of the process. It also allows all companies to benefit by offering a tool that meets the expectations of companies of all sizes. With its intelligent control, enhanced payment, automated processing, and intelligent business, Expensya allow you to transform your expense management.

5. Concur

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Concur also allows you to take photos of your expense reports and upload them to your account in a matter of minutes. Its integration with SAP ERP, it gives you a complete overview of your budget. It also allows managers to review and approve or not the expense reports directly from the application. They will then be able to initiate the reimbursement on their side without any problem.

6. Evoliz

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Evoliz is a simple solution that allows you to photograph directly from the application your expense reports and related expenses such as your business invoices. It is a tool that allows you to link directly to your accounting software for the automation of your data in no time. Thanks to its "offline" mode, you will not be blocked when you travel abroad and will be able to continue to manage your expenses without any problem thanks to this expense report solution.

7. Cleemy

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Cleemy is an application offering a range of options for the management of your expense reports. Thanks to this tool you will be able to dematerialize your receipts, calculate your mileage expenses, get the manager's approval in real-time or manage your accounting in a masterly way. The application is part of Lucca's HR software that helps you manage absences, payrolls, or leaves more efficiently. We invite you to use this different software and to join Cleemy if you are already using them.

The choice of your expense management solution can only be made after having correctly established your needs according to your company. Few trips will not require an advanced application while a company making dozens of trips per month will have to rely on a tool offering more functionalities and possibilities in terms of budget policy.

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