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Far away from phone quotes and expense reports, today's business travelers are looking for more ease and flexibility in their reservations. Several applications today offer you the ability to organize your travel from transportation to lodging with options such as centralized invoices or an integrated travel policy.

As a member of the industry, we have compiled a list of the best business travel solutions available today. All of these solutions are designed to meet the needs of business travelers and will help you manage your business travel with a masterful hand.



Fairjungle is an intuitive platform for the new era of business travel, offering a whole new experience in terms of business travel management. Here you can optimize your travel bookings by integrating a travel policy adapted to your company or by paying a single price per active user only (after testing the first month for free). The interest is to personalize your needs as much as possible and to let you choose between three travel options that best fit your desires with a single click. In addition to offering a personalized and intuitive experience, the platform offers you unbeatable rates on your trips and accommodations, without any commission. It is the solution that will satisfy all the actors of your company with total visibility on the trips made, control of the expenses with centralized invoices, and a particular accompaniment for the traveler thanks to the travel companion which will change your whole travel experience. It is also the platform that takes into account your carbon footprint and helps you to control it thanks to proposals for more eco-responsible journeys, allowing you to commit to reducing your carbon footprint.

2. Tripactions


TripActions solution allowing you to manage your business trips was created in 2015. It focuses on protecting the traveler with control of the destination countries, real-time information, and permanent communication via the application with the traveler. It also focuses on savings with its rewards program that encourages travelers to save money on their trips. They can redeem these rewards for Amazon gift cards, upgrades, or personal travel.

TripActions focuses on high-end business travel with a VIP program. This feature has been accentuated following its association with the Reed and Mackay group. TripActions is targeting a new form of VIP business travel, offering concierge options, business jets, and private chauffeurs for its members.

3. Travelbank


TravelBank is a travel management solution that focuses on expense tracking. By combining a travel solution and an expense report program, this platform offers its users a real expense system. It is therefore possible to correctly manage one's invoices thanks to an expense forecasting system present in the application with estimates based on the average prices of the majority of destinations. Having a budget control function on the application, it is possible thanks to TravelBank to directly fill in your invoices in photos on the application. In addition, the platform offers customer support in case of problems 24 hours a day and sets up a subscription with or without commitment allowing you to pay a rate per active user varying if the subscription is annual or monthly.

4. Egencia


This business travel management solution was born in 2002 in France and has now joined the American Expedia Group. It is the purchasing power of Expedia Group that allows it today to have access to preferential rates on the tickets they offer. It is the French branch of the group that specializes in business travel for professionals, with different prices depending on the trip and the company. No fixed prices here, but you can ask for a quote right here.

This solution seems to be more interesting for journeys costing several thousand euros, the implementation time being several weeks or even months in most cases. This solution is best suited for a large company with almost daily trips. Complex travel documents and policies can be centralized for ease of use. Don't worry, in case of a problem, traveler assistance is proposed by phone and email, but be careful with the price of interactions.

5. Travelperk


The Travelperk business travel management solution was created in 2016 in Barcelona. Today, it offers a sleek and intuitive interface that allows you to centralize your reservations in no time. It allows you to automate spending limits and travel policies for your company according to your needs and desires. It creates dashboards to visualize your expenses as you travel. To test these features, you can try the free version to familiarize yourself with the product. Be careful though, this version includes very few options. You will not have access to the approval system nor to the integrated travel policy and only to a limited customer service. The Premium version at 15€/month will allow you to pay a fixed price per booking with all the options available on the platform. Finally, in an eco-responsible way, Travelperk allows you to offset your carbon footprint with its GreenPerk option.

The choice of a business travel solution is essential and it must imperatively correspond to the needs of your company. Be careful to choose a tool that is adapted to your travel needs, if they are few or almost daily your research will not be the same.

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