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B2B travel agency: optimize your business trips

John Iversen
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Are you a company looking for efficient solutions for better management of your business travel? B2B platforms offer centralized management of business travel, saving you time and money. No more hours spent searching for the best fare or coordinating complex itineraries - B2B travel agencies do it for you!

What is a B2B travel agency?

A B2B travel agency is a company that specializes in providing travel services for individual or corporate clients. It offers a complete range of services, from booking air or rail tickets and accommodation, to coordinating on-site activities and handling administrative formalities. A B2B travel agency is an expert in business travel, providing personalized advice. It creates tailor-made itineraries to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Why should a company use a B2B travel agency?

B2B travel agencies bring all your business travel needs together in one place to simplify your planning and booking process. Find out more about the benefits of using a corporate travel agency.

  1. Cost reduction

The first major advantage of using a B2B travel agency for a company is to obtain preferential rates on business travel. In fact, B2B travel agencies negotiate with hotel partners, airlines and other service providers involved in business travel. These negotiations enable the B2B travel agency to obtain advantageous rates and special conditions, from which the client company can then benefit.

  1. Diversity of offers and suppliers

The diversity of offers and suppliers is also one of the great advantages of a B2B travel platform. It brings together a wide range of products and services for business travel, in terms of accommodation, transport (plane and train tickets) and on-site activities. This allows you as a company to choose from a multitude of options to suit your specific needs, whether in terms of budgets or cultural preferences. By using a B2B travel agency, you benefit from greater freedom of choice and a greater ability to optimize expenses.

  1. Simplified management

B2B travel agencies simplify the booking process by centralizing all reservations, making it easier for your company to track expenses and manage travel. Instead of doing your own research and booking with multiple suppliers, you benefit from a single booking tool, and a single point of contact to help you manage your business travel.

  1. Time-saving

By simplifying business travel booking processes, a B2B travel agency frees up your time and resources to concentrate on other strategic aspects of your business. You reduce administrative costs, while ensuring seamless organization of your staff's travel.

  1. Continuous innovation

The business travel industry continues to grow, and for good reason: it offers many opportunities to grow a business. Modern B2B travel platforms are constantly investing in technology by keeping pace with market trends, and enhancing the user experience by providing customized solutions. By adapting to new needs, users benefit from advanced travel management functionalities, as well as emerging technologies that simplify the entire organization of business travel.

  1. Expert advice

The travel agents who work for a B2B travel agency are experts in the field of business travel. They can provide you with invaluable information on entry and exit requirements, security, local activities, the best accommodation options for your business needs, and the most efficient means of transport to optimize your time. Their expertise also extends to managing complex itineraries, coordinating group travel and rapidly resolving any unforeseen circumstances that may arise before, during and after your business trip.

How does a B2B travel agency help optimize business travel costs?

In addition to saving time, saving money on your business trips is probably the reason why you're considering using a B2B travel agency. In fact, using a business travel agency allows you to benefit from preferential rates.

B2B travel agencies have strong partnerships with various travel service providers such as airlines, hotels and car rental services. Thanks to these partnerships, they can negotiate advantageous rates for corporate clients, helping to reduce your overall business travel costs.

What's more, a B2B agency can offer you trips that are perfectly in line with your company's travel policy, in which your budget for travel expenses is defined, as well as the different comfort classes to choose from for airlines and accommodation.

Finally, today, most B2B travel agencies offer turnkey booking tools that include expense management, specific budgeting and detailed reporting on travel expenses, helping companies to better control their costs.

What solutions does a B2B travel agency offer to simplify business travel?

A B2B travel agency offers a wide range of solutions designed to simplify and optimize business travel for companies. Here's what you can benefit from if you choose to facilitate your business travel management with the help of a corporate travel agency.

  1. Online booking platform

A modern, innovative business travel agency will give you access to a platform enabling you to easily book flights, hotels, car rentals and other services related to your employees' travel in line with your EVP.

  1. Expense management

Thanks to a business travel booking platform, you have access to the best offers in real time, which correspond to the budget set out in your EVP. You can also take advantage of expense management tools to facilitate the tracking and reimbursement of business travel expenses. This tool allows you to better manage your budgets.

  1. Customized corporate travel policy

If you haven't yet drawn up a corporate travel policy (CTP), a B2B travel agency can help you define and implement one, aligned with your company's specific needs.

  1. Analytical reporting systems

Some platforms also give you access to detailed reports on corporate travel spend, employee itineraries and other data to help manage business travel.

  1. Emergency assistance

Corporate travel agencies set up 24/7 assistance services to help business travelers at every stage of their trip. Whether planning, booking, during the business trip or even afterwards, customer support is on hand to offer advice or respond to emergencies. For example, you may encounter unforeseen situations, such as flight cancellations or changes, or medical emergencies.

How does a B2B booking platform work for companies?

This type of platform offers a secure online interface and/or mobile application enabling you to search, compare and book various services for organizing your corporate travel.

The operation of a corporate travel platform is very simple. It generally begins with the creation of corporate accounts, ensuring user authentication. Once logged in, companies can access the booking system, which features a catalog of services or products offered by partner suppliers. These catalogs can be filtered according to the company's specific needs, such as location, service category or price.

You and your teams can then book the trip directly on the platform. You'll then have access to expenses, expense reports and, in some cases, even reimbursements via the platform.

Which is the most complete business travel management solution?

There really isn't one business travel management solution that's more comprehensive than another, as it depends on your company's specific needs and your personal preferences.

The choice of B2B travel agency and booking platform should always be carefully considered. To choose the best business travel management solution, it's essential to consider the platform's reliability, its user interface, and above all its tools, which must meet your needs.

At Fairjungle, we've designed a new generation of software that reinvents business travel management. This all-in-one solution lets you book, manage and track your business trips with ease. You benefit from ultra-competitive rates and can keep your travel budget under control.

Our platform offers integrated management of your HR, finance and expense tools. What's more, if you want to reduce your carbon emissions on business trips, simply activate the green mode and let our algorithms guide your employees towards sustainable travel options!

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