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Successful organization of a company party in a few steps

Tom Bengaouer
Responsable Communication & Marketing

If you have a company, you are certainly looking for solutions to improve your organization and help your teams to invest in their work. You have certainly already tested corporate seminars to advance your projects with dedicated events, but what about a new format to surprise your employees?

The company party can be an ideal solution to offer a unique moment to your teams, without forgetting to develop your projects efficiently. But how do you go about organizing a company party? We have prepared an article to help you to set up everything in a minimum of time.

A company party organization according to your needs

If you have a message to send to your employees, you can send an email. But the impact will be weak, as emails are common and used for many occasions, more or less important. So if you want to send a strong message, you can organize a company party!

Of course it is not enough to launch yourself into the organization of a corporate party at random to get your message across, you can try to adapt the format to the type of message to convey. Here are a few examples to help you choose the format of your event according to your main objective.

  • Celebration to take stock: a big celebration can allow you to close a year or a project to launch your teams towards the next step of your adventure. The festive atmosphere will mark your teams and motivate them for the future!
  • Reinforce the exchanges with a cocktail : if you wish to reinforce the links and touch your collaborators in small committee, the cocktail format is the ideal for an organization evening company.
  • Thanking with a show or a thematic evening: proposing animations and a good dinner will allow you to please your collaborators by offering them a pleasant evening that they will not forget. This format can also help you to reinforce the exchanges in a festive atmosphere to convince prospects or satisfy a distributor for example.
  • Launch of a product or place with an inauguration party: to present a new event in your company, take the time to set up a beautiful inauguration that will act as a perfect presentation. The organization of a company evening around a new element allows to make a striking transition which will not pass unnoticed!
  • Strengthen group cohesion with a team building evening: the organization of a company evening around the dialogue can allow you to launch a small organization at a lower cost and in a small group while taking advantage of strengthening the links between the teams!

Why start organizing a corporate party?

It is therefore possible to launch into a corporate party organization by choosing among many formats. But before launching into a corporate party, it is important to know why the organization of a corporate party is important.

Whatever the objective (to thank, to present a product, to motivate the teams, to reinforce the links...), an organization evening company is used to mark the spirits of each person present. Indeed, you make sure to propose an event different from their daily life to pass a clear message.

But you must not only make sure to propose an original evening by taking care of your speech, you must also work on the animations. You must make your collaborators spend a good time and for that you need to choose adapted animations.

If you succeed in organizing your company's evening, you will quickly see stronger links between your teams, increased motivation and employees willing to invest more to help you in your business projects.

It is therefore beneficial to start organizing a company party, but for that you must take some time!

How to successfully organize a company party?

Before launching into the organization of a company party, you must define the main objective of this future party. This will help you get started with the organization of your corporate event. Of course, do not decide to launch into a corporate party organization at the last moment, plan several months to avoid unpleasant surprises.

When your objective is defined, you can look for the ideal place for the organization of a company party. It will be necessary to take into account the number of participants in order to choose premises adapted to your needs. And if you wish to limit the expenses for the organization of the company party, look for a place close to your premises, that will allow you to organize the transport easily and not to need to envisage an accommodation for the guests.

Then, set up activities to animate the evening: game, quiz, speech, meal, music etc. This will help you to give rhythm to the evening while offering a pleasant moment to your collaborators. 

Once your company party organization is well underway, you can set a date and inform your employees of the event without waiting until the last moment. This will help them to organize themselves easily to enjoy the evening that you will offer them!

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