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A Travel Policy Template to help reboot your travel program

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Time to get back to travelling

Covid-19 has reshaped many of our personal and professional experiences and ways of working. It has lead to tremendous change in the way "work" functions. As a result, many companies with historically active travel programs have put in place travel bans and are now unsure of how to move forward — after all, some travel will always be necessary. It is of utmost importance for them to find ways to adapt their travel programs to the new normal.

The first step in ensuring a successful reboot of your travel program is the tailoring of your travel policy to address the rapid changes caused by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. Perhaps your total travel budget has dropped significantly due to recent financial constraints. Traveller safety is also likely top of mind and you need to be vigilant as to which countries your teams are travelling all the while keeping in mind the myriad different travel restrictions around the world. You might even be inspired to accelerate your company's journey to carbon sustainability.

If you are looking for ways to relaunch your travel programs, perhaps we can help. We've developed a simple Travel Policy Template companies can use free of charge. Our template focuses on four essentials that travel managers must keep in mind when creating their fit-for-purpose policies:

  • Empowerment & responsibility: Create systems and processes that enable your travellers to make optimal choices corresponding to your company's rules and values
  • Cost consciousness: Encourage your employees to treat the company's money as their own and book flights and hotels accordingly
  • Online first: Ensure your travellers privilege online channels whenever possible in order to facilitate transactions, operations, and even accounting
  • Eco-friendliness: Ensure your corporate social responsibility goals are met by encouraging your corporate travellers to responsibly choose their modes of transportation (check out our free of charge Carbon Footprint Calculator to have an overview of your total volume of CO2 emissions)

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Our experts are here to help. If you'd like to discuss in more detail how to create the perfect modern travel policy that suits your company's needs and culture, email us at and we can find a convenient time to chat.

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