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Introducing Fairjungle's Covid Travel Reboot Kit

Sagar Chandaria
VP Sales & Director UK

Time to get back to travelling

As we all know, Covid-related security measures and restrictions have limited individuals' movements across borders. Even though many governments have eased travel restrictions, companies that are highly dependent on corporate travel continue to be disproportionally affected. We've heard from many clients that finding a way for their employees to travel safely and sustainably while limiting travel spend is of critical importance.

However, many companies remain at odds as to how to effectively restart their business travel programs given the current strain on resources and the continued uncertainty caused by the pandemic (e.g., government travel regulations, severity of the economic downturn, prevalence of the coronavirus in their communities). With that in mind, we layered a McKinsey approach onto our extensive travel know-how and developed a simple, yet comprehensive travel reboot program to help you get travel going again in a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable way.

In order to ensure ongoing success, our toolkit takes you through a 5-step approach from diagnostics to set-up and implementation of changes all the way to tracking and monitoring. We take a holistic approach to your travel program: duty-of-care, spend, and sustainability. Our diagnostic and objective-setting tools are clear and easy to use. We then work together to generate actionable initiatives to help drive the changes you're looking for.

Interested to see how the Travel Reboot Kit can help your organisation? Click here to get a sneak peek.

Alternatively, we'd love to speak to you in more detail about how you can ensure corporate travel safety and effectively revive your corporate travel. Email us at and we can find a convenient time to chat.

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