Our tips for implementing carbon offsetting for businesses

Tom Bengaouer
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The environment is a central issue for all of us, and businesses are no exception. It's not always easy to figure out what individual actions to take to protect the environment, but there's no doubt that every action counts. So it should come as no surprise to hear that businesses can play an important role in protecting the environment, just like the rest of the world.

Are you familiar with the 2015 Paris Agreement to fight global warming by limiting GHG emissions? Corporate carbon offsetting is directly linked to this approach to limit global warming. So if you have a company, think about limiting your GHG emissions through corporate carbon offsetting. How and why? This is what we will help you understand!

What is corporate carbon offsetting?

Before we can help you get started on an effective corporate carbon offset, it's important to help you understand what it's all about. If you have a business, you may have heard of carbon offsetting without necessarily understanding the issues. Carbon offsetting involves funding environmentally friendly projects to help limit greenhouse gas emissions.

However, it should not be assumed that you can do anything that is harmful to the environment by offsetting it with a green project that will protect the planet. It is important for your company to find a balance between your carbon actions and your funding to fight against GHG.

However, corporate carbon offsetting can also be achieved by taking steps to act directly within your company, implementing new habits and successfully limiting your carbon emissions.

Corporate carbon offsetting can be achieved by working on two different fronts:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions: modifying consumption, travel, equipment within the company, etc.
  • The development of a carbon sink: this system will store carbon naturally to avoid finding it in the atmosphere or work to implement a method that can reproduce these natural mechanisms.

Why get involved in corporate carbon offsetting?

If you have a business, you may be wondering how carbon offsetting concerns you. Simply because the environment is a subject that concerns us all! It is important to limit its greenhouse gas emissions and a company will generally have a higher emission than an individual, that is why it is important to act as a professional.

Carbon offsetting can be done at the level of several missions:

- Renewable energy project
- Project on energy saving
- Project on carbon storage

However, the environment is a subject that is a victim of its own success. Indeed, by wanting to fight against global warming, you will improve your company's image, gain in professionalism and more easily acquire the trust of prospects. But this image of an environmentally conscious company is an advantage that other companies want to obtain without investing in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This is why greenwashing is often used as a marketing argument to give the impression of investing in the environment, whereas the reality is quite different.

To succeed in your carbon offset, you must therefore take things seriously in order to show that you really care about limiting carbon emissions. It will also be important to communicate on your carbon offset to show your steps, your progress and to inspire not only your prospects but also other companies that will dare to take the plunge to protect the environment!

What is the procedure for corporate carbon offsetting?

So how do you get started with corporate carbon offsetting? Before you can try to implement any changes in your habits or plan to finance carbon offsetting for your company, you need to conduct an assessment of your company. Knowing your GHG emissions will help you know what to do to limit them.

Once your assessment is available, you can take the time to put in place an effective action plan to reduce these emissions while taking the time to look at the long term. It will also be possible to invest in a corporate carbon offset project to help move forward in another way.

  • Modify transportation methods by favoring train and carpooling
  • Improve the heating system in the company
  • Get involved in renewable energy
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Optimize logistics to limit transportation
  • Invest in a renewable energy project, planting and reforestation

And don't forget to communicate on your steps to show your investment while inspiring other companies!

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