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Organize a team building seminar for your employees

Tom Bengaouer
Responsable Communication & Marketing

If you own a company and work with employees, you have certainly noticed one thing: team spirit boosts efficiency! Working alone is beneficial, but doing it in a team allows you to pool your skills to move forward more quickly, for example.

Working as a team not only enhances performance, but also helps to improve the atmosphere at work, so why not take care of that team spirit? To do so, you can set up activities for a reinforced team cohesion, and a cohesion seminar will be an excellent solution! But why and how to organize it well for your employees?

Why organize a team building seminar?

Does the team building seminar attract your attention? Before telling, you more about organizing a cohesion seminar, it is important to help you understand its importance. As a reminder, cohesion refers to the force of attraction allowing for physical coherence. If you apply cohesion to a team, it means that each member will act for the common goal, and this is more consequent than a good understanding with his collaborators.

A cohesion seminar can help you to develop this cohesion between teams and we have good news for you: the cohesion seminar can address all the teams of your company! However, you should be careful about the size of the team you choose for a corporate seminar. Do not exceed 150 people if you want to involve all your employees.

The objectives of a cohesion seminar

Organizing a team-building seminar will allow you to reach important objectives for your company. Which ones?

• To form a new team

• To improve relations within the team by easing possible tensions

• To improve the organization of the team: project, values, vision, team charter etc.

A team building seminar will not only serve to reinforce team cohesion, it can also be very useful for your company and help you to develop in the long term.

How to organize a cohesion seminar for your company?

The team building seminar is a very good solution to reinforce the efficiency of your teams. But in order to benefit from the advantages of a team building seminar,it is important to start with a good organization. Here are a few steps to help you set up the corporate seminar that will help you strengthen the understanding between employees.

     1- Define the participants who will be invited to the team building seminar: depending on the size of your company and the teams in place, you may wish to      invite some employees and not others. It is therefore important to know who will be invited, which team to reinforce or to set up in order to start organizing the      right team building seminar for the right people.

     2- Find a date and a place for your company seminar: for an efficient seminar, you will need to plan ahead and select the right period. Of course, you should      avoid public holidays and vacation periods, or times when your company has more work.

     3- Set up the main objectives: to set up the right activities you should start by identifying the objectives of this team building seminar such as creating links      between employees, integrating new recruits, improving team performance etc.

     4- Organize the activities that can strengthen team cohesion: each activity can have itsown purpose. Think about your objectives, and what can attract your      employeesto make them want to invest in the activities.

     5- Establish the ideal duration for the team building seminar: not too long nor too short, depending on the activities and the participants you will be able to      choose the ideal duration, whether it is one day or a few days, it must be decided inadvance.

     6- Identify the budget to allocate for your corporate retreat: this will be the last step but it is essential to finalize the organization of your reunion seminar without      any bad surprises.

As you can see, the team building seminar will require a lot of organization beforehand, but it will be greatly beneficial for your company and your employees. During this company seminar, you will have to include the participants to help them invest themselves more naturally. You will also need to identify the teams to accompany each person more easily during the activities. And don't forget to collect the participants' opinions at the end of your team building seminar to improve your next events.

It is therefore up to you to organize a corporate seminar to allow your employees to get closer and work as a team with a real desire to invest and support each other. But for such an organization, you can turn to professionals accustomed to this set up and benefit from an adapted accompaniment.

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