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Our tips for obtaining your Trainline invoice in just a few minutes

Tom Bengaouer
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Do you need to travel for your job, or simply want to go on vacation without taking your car? It's not always easy to find a trip to suit your needs, and sites like Trainline can quickly become indispensable!

But if you want to travel with peace of mind, you'll need to be well-prepared, starting with your travel documents such as accommodation bookings, transport tickets and Trainline invoice! If you don't know how to go about it, don't worry, this article will help you to see things more clearly so that you don't waste any time with administrative procedures.

How can you easily generate your Trainline invoice before leaving on your trip?

Have you ever used Trainline? This transport booking site lets you carry out a search in just a few clicks, indicating the passengers, your destination and the desired dates. All you have to do is choose the offer best suited to your needs from among the many transport companies available.

  • Ouigo
  • SNCF
  • Blabla car bus
  • Thalys
  • Eurostar
  • Trenitalia
  • TGV Lyria

As you can see, you'll have no trouble finding the most suitable offer in just a few clicks, and it'll be hard to do without this website to travel by train or bus at the best price! But once you've organized your trip, you'll certainly want to protect yourself by gathering important documents such as your Trainline invoice.

Don't worry, it's very easy to get an invoice with all the information you need to understand your document, such as trip details with name, date and destination of trip, fees and taxes applied at time of booking and trip total.

To access this Trainline document you will need to log on to the travel booking website or application and enter your login and password to access your personal area. This will enable you to easily find the various bookings you've made and retrieve the documents linked to your planned trips.

Download and print a Trainline invoice for your file

The Trainline invoice is not automatically generated when you book your journey, but that doesn't mean you can't get one - quite the contrary! To retrieve your invoice, simply log on to your personal space and click on the downloadable invoice corresponding to your journey. 

You can then print out your document if you prefer a paper version by clicking on "print as PDF". Of course, you'll also be able to keep a digital version to print out in case you need it, but there are a number of ready-to-go supports to help you cope with any situation.

So take the time to prepare your information to get your Trainline invoice!

  • First and last name on reservation
  • Reservation number
  • Account mail and login

How do I get a Trainline invoice through a travel agency?

However, if you use a travel agency to prepare your trip, you'll need to take different steps to obtain your document. You won't be able to retrieve your Trainline invoice directly from the website if you've used a professional.

In this case, it will be just as easy to obtain your document by simply taking the time to contact your travel agency with your request. Remember to include your contact details and file number to help your correspondent send your Trainline invoice more quickly.

You'll also be able to request a copy of each booking, and advice on what to do if you need to cancel or refund your trip, as your contract may have specific requirements for your stay.

Retrieving your Trainline invoice with VAT

If you need VAT information on your invoice, you won't be able to simply generate your document automatically. It will be necessary to contact customer service, explaining your need for a Trainline invoice with VAT. It may take a few days for a reply, but you'll receive your Trainline invoice with VAT directly. All you have to do is save it or print it out and have it ready.

If you need to make a reservation, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to customer service, giving your contact details to help them respond quickly to your needs.

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