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How to write a mission order

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The mission order is an essential document for the smooth running of a business trip. It is a document that allows the employee on a trip to benefit from the salary benefits outside the office for the indicated duration. Thus, any accident or problem encountered during the trip will be considered a work-related accident and can be managed by the company.

How to write a mission order ?

In addition to being mandatory, this assignment order must be presented in the correct format, i.e. in the form of a letter or form and not in the form of an email. Without this document and as indicated in article 411-2 of the Social Security Code, the trip will be considered as a private and not professional trip. In addition to providing the employee with real social security coverage, it also guarantees the acceptance of expense reports corresponding to the expenses incurred during the trip. It is therefore in your interest to request a mission order before any business trip.

The mission order must be signed by the manager or by the employer, depending on the company, and must be given to the employee before his departure.

Within this legal framework, this document must contain the following elements to be considered valid:

  • The purpose of the mission
  • The dates of travel (outward and return)
  • The place where it takes place
  • The transportation used
  • The accommodation address for the duration of the mission
  • The employee's address
  • The signature of the employer/manager

Below you will find a sample assignment order that you can fill out and download for all your employees:

Fairjungle now offers an innovative business travel solution that allows you to go even faster in your administrative procedures. That's why we consider these procedures related to the mission order still too long and perilous. The back and forth between the manager and the employee concerning the different authorizations for the mission order, the tickets, or the accommodation is no longer necessary. Today, we offer a centralized solution that allows you to validate an entire trip with one authorization from your smartphone.

We offer you a summary of the trip where you can check the dates, the destination, the means of transport or the accommodation in one go. This mission order 2.0 will save you precious time while lightening your organization.

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