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Criteria for choosing a business travel agency

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Faced with the multitude of choices regarding corporate travel agencies, it seems complicated to choose without taking into consideration some important criteria. To offer the help of a professional travel agency means that you will leave a colossal organization in the hands of one or several external people. Breaking away from the classic system of traditional business travel agencies, here are our tips for picking your next travel companion.

How to choose your travel agency

A business travel agency in the age of time is, first of all, an agency with its technological solution. Weakness of the traditional agencies, the technological inking, is a key element in the choice of your agency. Our technological solution allows it to accompany you at best in no time by proposing you manage your trips without effort and to personalize them as you wish. The goal for an agency in 2021 is to reduce the effort to a single click with its technology. This is why going from a traditional agency where the implementation time is between 1 and 6 months to an agency offering registration in a few clicks seems to become an obvious choice for today's business travelers. This speed is often found in the intuitive administrative procedures offered. Resources such as the integration of a travel policy, an optimized choice of routes, or centralization of documents and travelers can only help you in your organization.

We can also question the quick commitment to an agency. Today, making a long-term commitment, especially when signing a contract, is becoming problematic for companies that travel. Referring to an agency with no commitment and offering a free trial to understand and embed the platform in your system seems to be the best solution for you. The absence of commitment presages a persuasive agency in its use and allows you to take your time in this choice.

In the period in which we find ourselves, it also seems essential to focus on the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approaches of your agency. Indeed, to have a credible policy in terms of eco-responsible policy, especially in the field of travel, seems still far away and yet gestures such as controlling one's carbon footprint are nowadays easy to achieve. Business travel is first and foremost about asking yourself why you travel and whether it is essential. By controlling our travels without feeling obliged to travel under the pretext of paying overpriced fares to manage our business travels, we can contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

And not feeling compelled to travel is also about the price. Even if delegating a tedious job generally leads you to pay without counting the cost, it still seems unreal in 2021 to pay offline fees that can go up to 45 euros per booking. We, therefore, recommend that you pay attention to ticket and room prices by making some comparisons with prices that you could find on your own, especially for hotels, and to service fees by potentially favoring a competitive rate per active user. This type of rate will allow you to manage your trips more responsibly and to regulate them without price constraints.

Finally, you will need to consider the credibility of the service and the quality of the customer service. Quality customer support is first and foremost a person who is an expert in his or her subject and efficient in his or her answers.

We recommend the company Semin'Up of the Corpo'Events group, specialized in the organization of seminars and team building, conventions and incentive trips for more than 15 years.

Do not hesitate to consult review sites such as Trustpilot or Capterra which will prove the reliability and credibility of your potential future business travel agency.

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