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How to implement the 2023 sustainable mobility package?

John Iversen
Growth Marketer

To optimize the organization of your business, you need to consider many elements. You must ensure the production of your products, their distribution and follow-up. You must also prepare the future of your company with projects and optimizations that allow you to act in favor of the environment while continuing to grow in your professional environment. Your carbon footprint will be one of the elements that will help you to make the right decisions.
But it will also be necessary to communicate with your teams, to make them want to commit to the protection of our beautiful planet by finding new ideas for your company or by choosing a more ecological mode of transport for example. To help your employees, you can use the 2023 sustainable mobility package. What is it and how does it work? That's what we're going to find out!

What is the 2023 sustainable mobility package?

Have you ever heard of the 2023 sustainable mobility package? If not, here are some explanations to help you understand it better.
The 2023 sustainable mobility package refers to a lump sum payment by the employer for the travel expenses of its employees. But does this apply to all journeys? No, the 2023 sustainable mobility package provides assistance to employees who choose more responsible and ecological transportation. It can therefore concern transportation by bicycle or carpooling, for example.
This system will help compensate employees for the cost of transportation between their home and workplace. It can therefore be combined with the reimbursement of certain expenses, such as the reimbursement of a transport pass for example.
But in concrete terms, what transport solutions are covered by this 2023 sustainable mobility package?
- Bicycle, whether mechanical or electric, scooter
- Scooter
- Carpooling, for the driver and passengers
- Public transport
- Rental for assisted two-wheelers or car-sharing services with low-emission vehicles
This package therefore supports many means of transportation, which can help employees find a viable solution to easily change the way they commute to work.
But in order for your employees to benefit from the 2023 sustainable mobility package, you need to understand how it works!

How does the 2023 sustainable mobility package work?

So how do employees benefit from this 2023 sustainable mobility package? In order to benefit from this allowance, employees must submit proof of their choice of transport or a certificate to be renewed each year. Your employees must be informed so that they can prepare the supporting documents and, above all, choose a transport solution that is eligible for this 2023 sustainable mobility package.

As far as the company is concerned, the implementation of this package is not mandatory, but if you decide to allow an employee to benefit from it, it must be applied to all your teams, either from an amount fixed after consultation of the CSE or following a consultation for a collective agreement.

But how do you set the amount of the 2023 sustainable mobility package for employees?

The amount of this lump sum is tax-free and will have a limit of 700€ per person per year for 2023. It can go up to 800€ if a partial payment of transport subscriptions is cumulated with the 2023 sustainable mobility package. You can indicate the amount of the 2023 sustainable mobility package on your salary slip in order to provide your employees with full transparency on this aid.

Is the 2023 sustainable mobility package a good option for your company?

It is legitimate to ask yourself this question but as you can imagine, the answer is yes! Even if the 2023 sustainable mobility package is at the employer's expense and is optional, if you want to commit to the environment, it should not only concern the organization of your company. To raise awareness among your teams, you need to communicate but also implement measures such as this 2023 sustainable mobility package to encourage each person to make the most ecological choice possible.

If you have already used the mileage allowance system for bicycles, you can switch to the 2023 sustainable mobility package which has replaced it since 2020. Once everything is in place, all you have to do is inform your employees by explaining how this allowance works. You can make a form available so that each employee can provide the necessary information before the last day of the calendar year, i.e. December 31. And to finalize a good organization, remember to inform your employees that the 2023 sustainable mobility package must be reapplied for every year!

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