How Fairjungle reached a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot

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With a strong belief that the business travel industry is still lagging behind many other service industries, Fairjungle aims to bridge the gap between B2C travel websites' ease of use and smooth UX and businesses' need for increased control and visibility. Automating everything from booking to accounting, our main aim is to help companies travel smarter. We want to make travel as seamless of an experience as possible.

And with a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot, our users seem to agree with our statement - and we haven't revealed everything that's up our sleeve yet!

Here are a few of our (not so secret) ingredients to customer satisfaction, in our users' own words:

Providing a B2C grade user experience


Thanks to our inhouse team of ex-Apple senior engineers, we have a B2C understanding of what a platform should look and feel like. Fairjungle's aim is to offer a simple, seamless UX to its users, moving away from usual B2B retrograde designs.

Being a true one-stop shop


Having recently integrated train in partnership with Trainline, Fairjungle now offers both plane and train options, as well as accommodation on its platform. Not only does this allow users to book their whole trip on one platform, but do so at advantageous rates to top it off.  


Unlike public travel websites, Fairjungle allows you to conduct door to door research in order to filter its recommendations and offer users three best-for-fit options, considering both the traveller's time preferences as well as her company's travel policy.

The result is a neat three-choice recommendation system picked out of our extensive inventory, filtering out any un-matching results, thereby making the whole process much quicker than the more traditional way of booking trips. Exploring further options is also an available feature, for those curious to do so.

Saving our clients' time (and money)


Travellers love it when you give them the autonomy to plan their own trips. However, time spent on planning travel is also time spent away from main tasks. This time is usually quite long when planning is conducted on public websites or through travel agencies. Fairjungle is the sweet spot between the two: it offers travellers autonomy and control over their travels, and gives them the chance to do this within a few minutes.

This forward-looking end-user experience will help companies drive adoption of their travel policies as well as overall employee productivity.

Helping companies rethink travel policies


Our travel management solution offers companies the world's most granular control. Not only does Fairjungle retain your company's travel policy, applying it in every search and booking travellers make, it also has an integrated dynamic policy. Our Smart Policy takes your company's business rules into account, and studies real-time market prices and data to modify budgets accordingly.

And for even deeper control, Fairjungle also allows companies to automate compliance enforcement; setting booking bans, approval workflows or notifications can be done in a few clicks. Being able to apply such rules on selected employees will put in place automatic control over travellers and their choices in a friction-less manner.

Developing a deep understanding of our clients' pain points


The problem of productivity and time-efficiency does not stop at planning travel. The even longer process is that of post-travel reporting. Gone are office and travel managers' travel-invoice-chasing days.

Fairjungle centralises all travel invoices and receipts of your account on one interface. Data can even be retrieved through our unique REST API, which will get integrated right into your HR and finance systems. According to this Global Business Travel Association article, expense reporting actually drains company ressources. As a matter of fact, an expense report takes on average 20 minutes to complete, and costs $58 to process. That is disregarding the fact that 19% of expense reports come out with errors, costing another $52 to correct them.  

Integrating our platform also allows clients to use data in order to monitor and optimise their travel performance through real-time access to KPIs. Available through API, these include travel spend per team, per-supplier budget, booking lead time, evolution of travel spend etc.

Being our clients' partner


Fairjungle is more than a simple booking tool, it is modern companies' partner. Our platform is not that of a travel agency. Instead of benefitting from per-transaction fees, Fairjungle charges per active user per month. This means we work hand in hand with companies to reduce travel instead of increase it, allowing both material and carbon economies. Our platform allows you to surgically remove all unnecessary spend thanks to our AI-enhanced  travel policies and granular approval processes.

It is also more than that, Fairjungle is a smart travel companion. Soon available on iOS, Fairjungle will allow you to review your detailed step-by-step itinerary, receive real-time alerts and reminders, as well as connect with our travel specialists 24/7, any time and anywhere.

Providing a spotless Customer Support

CS nice ones.PNG

While our core value proposition lies in the automation of the whole travel process, we also understand the importance of human support when it is needed. That is why our customer support team is ready to run to help our clients. The team is available both through a chat on our platform or by email 24/7. "With a smile you can perceive", they will fix your problems within minutes.

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