How Fairjungle helps Malt eliminate the hassles of booking travel

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About Malt

Malt’s (ex-Hopwork) is the leading marketplace for companies and freelance engineers in France, Germany, and Spain.

With 180,000 freelancers and 22,000 active clients, Malt allows companies to quickly find the resources they need to grow. 75% of France’s top 40 public companies (the CAC40) have worked with a Malt freelancer and the company counts Accorhotels, Société Générale, and BlaBlaCar as customers. A capital injection of €25 million in early 2019, lead by Idinvest Partners, has accelerated their trajectory.

Quentin Debavelaere, COO of Malt
Quentin Debavelaere, COO of Malt

The challenge

With rapid growth and several offices across Europe and abroad, Malt onboards on average 10 new employees each week, many of which need to travel in their roles. In addition, the company often invites external people to meetings and seminars — a frequent and massive logistical effort.

Prior to Fairjungle, the office manager had to coordinate all this using clunky spreadsheets, spending hours handling last-minute modifications, and constantly liaising directly with hoteliers and airline call centres. Everything was managed in crisis mode and it wasn’t uncommon for her to work through weekends when she was organising events with people flying in from all over the world, or simply to handle an influx of modifications.

Malt’s approach to travel wasn’t keeping up with the rest of the organisation.

The solution

"Booking my own travel on public websites, expensing them, being on call with airline call centres was a nightmare. Now it literally takes me seconds to do everything in one place. I can finally chill…and watch Netflix."
—Quentin Debavelaere, COO, Malt

In June 2019, Malt chose Fairjungle as its travel management partner. The key objective was to make travellers autonomous and fully responsible for their bookings.

With its all-in-one solution and extensive inventory, travellers could make all their bookings on the Fairjungle travel management tool knowing they were getting the best choices at top rates. They no longer needed to visit public websites or complete cumbersome travel request spreadsheets. In less time than it took to fill a Google sheet, travellers could autonomously complete a booking. Fairjungle’s flexible, integrated travel policies meant the office manager could trust those bookings would be within the bounds of the company travel policy.

Additionally, Malt travellers tend to have fluid agendas with constant changes. Without high-quality customer support, they would revert back to relying on the office manager at every turn. Fairjungle’s Customer Care team was accessible directly on the app and traveller requests were immediately handled by our expert agents. At the beginning of the Covid crisis, Fairjungle proactively contacted all Malt travellers and suggested modification options. In a matter of hours, all travel was rebooked or cancelled, and refunds processed. Malt’s autonomous travellers were more than pleased, rating our customer service 4.9/5.

The results

With Fairjungle, Malt was able to completely eliminate the hassle of managing business travel. Fairjungle’s integrated business travel solution coupled with its best-in-class customer service meant travellers were able to make bookings within seconds and subsequently manage them with ease. In the case of cancellations or modifications, incredibly reactive support was just a click away. Gone are the days of spending hours on the phone with easyJet or Air France customer care and funnelling all bookings through the office manager. Malt now uses a single tool that empowers autonomous travellers and assists them all the way, 24/7.

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