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How can I benefit from Ouigo cancellation insurance?

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Ouigo is the SNCF's low-cost company that allows you to travel in France at reduced prices. You're no doubt familiar with these offers, and it's often worth choosing these trains to get to your destination while reducing your transport budget. But what if something goes wrong? Does Ouigo train travel cancellation cover exist? You may already be familiar with SNCF train travel insurance, but this doesn't apply to Ouigo.

When you booked your Ouigo ticket, you certainly noticed certain conditions, such as the impossibility of cancelling your journey or the impossibility of refunding your ticket. But are there any conditions for getting your money back in the event of a problem, like Ouigo cancellation insurance, for example? Let's find out!

How does Ouigo train trip cancellation cover work?

Organizing a trip isn't easy, and booking your journey often requires a substantial budget. That's why the Ouigo company is so successful in France, enabling you to make your business or private journeys at lower cost. But this economic advantage also has its drawbacks in the event of a problem. Generally speaking, it's impossible to exchange or get a refund on a Ouigo ticket.

However, it is now possible to get around this ban with the Ouigoswap service, which allows you to place your Ouigo ticket for resale, and it will always be possible to change your mind if you wish to make your journey after all. The selected train must be fully booked before you can put your Ouigo ticket up for resale, and if you find a buyer before your train departs, you'll receive a voucher worth 80% of the purchase price, to be used over the following 12 months.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, it is also possible to modify your Ouigo ticket, subject to an exchange fee and payment of the difference between the old and new ticket. However, the exchange will be free if you have subscribed to the Ouigoflex option beforehand. So it's important to find out before you book your journey, so you can choose the offer best suited to your needs.

But what happens if your Ouigo train is cancelled? You can choose between two options:

  • Free exchange for another Ouigo train on another date.
  • Cancellation of your Ouigo train with reimbursement of your ticket in the form of a voucher which can then be credited back to your account if you wish.

So don't worry if the company cancels your train, you won't lose any money. On the other hand, if you have to cancel your train ticket, the conditions won't be the same. Do I need to take out Ouigo cancellation insurance

Do I need to take out Ouigo travel cancellation insurance?

As you've probably guessed by now, there's no money-back guarantee for Ouigo cancellations if the request comes from the passenger. The low ticket price therefore has conditions to bear in mind if you're not sure you'll be able to travel when the time comes. But that doesn't mean you have no solution.

For example, it's possible to resell your ticket, as we explained above, or to prepare your Ouigo train travel security with dedicated insurance. To do this, you'll need to go through the SNCF when booking your trip. You will be asked to take out Ouigo cancellation insurance through Allianz Travel.

This rail travel insurance will protect you in the event of unforeseen circumstances, even if your tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. So it's highly advisable to budget for this train travel cancellation cover if you want to protect yourself from possible loss of money. But what does this Ouigo cancellation insurance cover?

  • Exchange and refund costs covered
  • Coverage in the event of train delays
  • Assistance in the event of a missed train or connection up to €50/person
  • Reimbursement of €150/person for cancelled trains
  • Baggage protection with reimbursement of up to €500 in the event of theft
  • 24/7 assistance so you can get help whatever your situation

Of course, it's perfectly possible to enjoy trouble-free travel on a Ouigo train, and insurance may not be necessary, but taking out insurance will protect you in the event of the unexpected, and save you another source of stress during your SNCF journeys!

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