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Do you have a business? You are certainly looking to develop your business while taking the time to work on your brand image. But it is also important to think about a subject that concerns us all, professional or not: the environment! And it is not always easy to protect the environment while remaining in agreement with your organization to succeed in developing your activity..

If you work with clients across the country or around the world, hold corporate seminars in different locations and have regular meetings, your company's teams will likely travel regularly. If the environment is an important issue for you, consider carbon offsetting your air travel. Why and how to apply it? That's what we'll see!

What is aircraft carbon offsetting?

Before you embark on carbon offset aircraft, do you understand what it is all about? Carbon offsetting is the action of financing a project to fight against GHG emissions but it can also refer to the implementation of new habits to limit your carbon emissions.

However, in order to succeed in setting up an effective aircraft carbon offset, it is important to assess your company's carbon footprint, both in general and in specific areas. If you are in the habit of using transportation for your various projects and the same is true for your employees, you can have a significant carbon impact.

So to fully understand the impact of your activities on the environment and set up an effective aircraft carbon offset, start by conducting a carbon assessment that will help you measure the impact of your activities on the environment.

Of course you already know that a train trip is much more ecological than a plane trip. Unfortunately, some destinations will force you to use this most environmentally polluting means of transportation. But that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to having a high CO2 emission, you can invest in carbon offsetting air travel!

How to make a success of your airplane carbon offset?

You regularly hear that air travel is to be avoided because it has a very negative impact on the environment. Of course there are solutions to avoid travelling by plane.

  • Take visios as much as possible to avoid travel
  • Take the train for short trips or carpool if the destination allows it.

But sometimes, you will have no other choice than to go to your destination by air. So how can you successfully offset your carbon footprint?

You can invest in a project fighting against the release of greenhouse gases into the environment in order to fight effectively for the environment by compensating a little your air travel. But investing in environmental projects is not your only option.

If you can't get to your destination by any other means than air, here are some tips for your air travel carbon offset

  • Take public transportation to reach your airport.
  • Choose a recent plane which will be less polluting, and take an economy class which will help you limit your GHG emissions.
  • Travel with little business and choose a direct flight to avoid stopovers.
  • Once there, eat local food and try to find environmentally friendly accommodation.

It is therefore very important to think about every detail when traveling by plane for your carbon offset. But this should not prevent you from acting financially by working with an organization fighting for the environment. This will allow you to finance a project helping a developing country, working on sustainable energy, developing sustainable agriculture or working to protect biodiversity. There is no shortage of choices, but first make sure you are working with a reliable organization to fund the right project.

Enhance your corporate image with carbon offsetting

Airline carbon offsetting will help you limit the impact of air travel for your company, and is a great solution if your destination does not allow you to choose a more ecological method.

But it will be important to communicate about your carbon offset to show prospects and loyal customers that the environment is an important issue for your company. This will help you share your company's values without giving the impression that you don't care about a plane ride.

However, it is important to communicate honestly about your actions in order to show your steps, justify your choices and certainly inspire other companies to take the environment seriously. You should not make the mistake of greenwashing by using environmental protection issues as a simple marketing argument without implementing concrete actions afterwards.

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