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Fairjungle enters NDC with a strategic partnership with Duffel

Grégory Meslin
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Fairjungle is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Duffel, a key player in the NDC market. This collaboration stems from a shared desire to enhance the business travelers' experience by providing increased flexibility and customization of travel offerings and services (flights, options, etc.).

Who is Duffel?

Founded in 2017, Duffel is a company specializing in the distribution of travel services.

This emerging player in the NDC landscape quickly gained prominence in the travel industry (with over 30 NDC airlines connected to their system) by offering an innovative connectivity platform between travel agencies and travel service providers.

The company aims to address the growing needs of the business travel sector by providing flexible technological solutions. Its primary goal is to reinvent travel booking and management, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency. For instance, the launch of their self-service flight API in January 2021 makes flight sales even more accessible for anyone.

Duffel is actively involved in modernizing travel service distribution, offering an alternative to traditional systems. They regularly introduce new services such as Duffel Payments and Duffel Links.

What does NDC stand for?

The NDC, or New Distribution Capability, is a standard established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) aimed at modernizing the distribution of air travel services.

Designed to overcome the limitations of traditional distribution systems, NDC allows airlines to present their offerings in a more flexible and detailed manner, going beyond basic fares.

This standard provides travel agencies with increased possibilities for customizing travel options, thereby enhancing the user experience.

What are the concrete benefits for Fairjungle?

As mentioned earlier, using the Duffel platform as a business travel agency offers numerous advantages, ranging from logistics to services provided. Here are the key ones:

Access to the most competitive market rates

Thanks to NDC and Dynamic & Continuous Pricing, our clients will be able to find airfares at highly competitive prices on our platform. This connection with Duffel will also help avoid the GDS surcharge implemented and evolved by some airlines.

Increased customization of travel offers

Customizing offers is a crucial element in the comfort and satisfaction of the traveler. With Duffel, we can enable our clients to tailor their offerings to their needs through "Ancillaries," which refer to additional options such as seat selection, extra baggage, priority boarding, meals, in-flight entertainment, or access to the airport lounge.

Automation of after-sales with increased autonomy

Our clients will have even more control and autonomy over their bookings by being able to modify their flights and having the option to accept or reject changes initiated by the airline without necessarily going through our support team.

And many other benefits

There are additional advantages to using NDC, such as Rich Content and transparent data sharing in the travel sector. Rich Content aims to help customers understand the value of different offerings by showing videos or photos of suites, seats, lounges, etc. This type of content is not accessible through traditional GDS channels. Transparent data sharing, on the other hand, enables the creation of personalized offers and product bundles tailored to customers, drawing inspiration from similar experiences in other sectors. This unique approach provides travelers with relevant products to enhance their purchasing decisions.

Words from the CEOs

Saad Berrada, CEO & co-founder of Fairjungle

"Fairjungle strongly believes in the future of air distribution through NDC as it is a standard that benefits both agencies and travelers. We are thrilled to collaborate with Duffel, which is the most technologically advanced player in this field."

Steve Domin, CEO of Duffel

“It's exciting to see an innovative partner like Fairjungle adopting our flights API. With direct access to NDC flight content, they can offer an even broader range of flight travel options to their business travelers than many other players out there can. This integration enables their end users to book flights and ancillaries quickly and easily, but more importantly instant and transparent.”

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