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Fairjungle integrates trains into its travel platform

Sagar Chandaria
VP Sales & Director UK
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Business travel platform Fairjungle announces a new French rail integration with Trainline for Business. Fairjungle's digital solution, combined with Trainline's large real-time French train database will continue to enable corporate travel in a seamless, stress-free manner.

Improving business travel by integrating trains

The news comes after Fairjungle has seen its core French market return to pre-pandemic levels of travel in recent months. Even though the strategic decision to add trains to its product offering was months-long in the making, the timing is extremely pertinent, with demand for train bookings growing at an exponential rate and flights continuing to face persistent restrictions. Moreover, the decision also fits Fairjungle's ever-growing effort to help companies reduce their carbon footprint.

From now on, when Fairjungle users want to book business travel, the platform will search both flight and train options (along with accommodation, of course). Its AI algorithms will then automatically recommend the best transport choices between all options across both flights and rail. Travellers will have access to Trainline's entire French inventory, including trains to 6 neighbouring countries: Italy, Switzerland, England, Luxemburg, Netherlands, and Belgium.

Of course, all train travellers will also have access to Fairjungle's Customer Care team for any updates, amendments, or cancellations. All train tickets will be covered by the carrier’s adjustment and cancellation policies.

Looking forward to welcoming you aboard.

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