How Fairjungle helps Devialet seamlessly plan and control corporate travel

Sagar Chandaria
VP Sales & Director UK
8 offices serving over 50 countries
94% compliance with company travel guidelines

About Devialet

Devialet is a fast-growing, award-winning leader in acoustics engineering, with a passion for purposeful design and impactful technology. The company’s mission is to provide audiences across the world, consumers and businesses, with the thousands of details that make music, or sound in general, what it is. Devialet serves the market with its line of premium quality speakers (Phantom) and amplifiers (Expert), as well as the innovation it brings to partners in various industries through licensing, leveraging the over 160 patents the company has filed since its 2007 debut in Paris, France.

The challenge

Prior to Fairjungle, Devialet delegated full autonomy to its travellers to book their trips on public websites. This worked reasonably well in the early days of the company’s growth, but travel became increasingly challenging to plan for and monitor. Travel budgets increased as the company changed scale but Devialet lacked a granular travel management tool to optimise for them, and apply a simple corporate spend policy.

In short, Devialet needed a way to ensure travel policy compliance without restricting employee empowerment; agility remains central to an innovation culture. The company also had to be sure teams were choosing the best travel options available in the market and that managers could validate travel requests with enough precision to avoid unnecessary costs.

The solution

“Your responsiveness and solution-driven mindset are rare; just as impressive as the cost/time savings you helped us generate, thank you.”
—François R., Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Devialet

There was a strong belief that Fairjungle’s innovative travel platform would meet the challenge. Devialet decided to do an initial test in early 2019 and the first hurdle to overcome was to ensure employees would actually use the tool. Fairjungle’s slick user experience and design were crucial to success.

As Devialet employees grew comfortable with the business travel platform, the next goals were service quality, compliance with KPIs set for all to follow, and savings. Thanks to Fairjungle’s dynamic travel policies, each traveller is allowed a certain budget based on real-time market rates so that employees never overpay for their trips. Devialet’s compliance with those dynamic yet controlled travel budgets quickly reached 94%. Also, Fairjungle’s recommendation engine quickly suggests three viable solutions, keeping the trip under budget without sacrificing comfort or productivity. Travellers no longer had to bend-over-backwards, wasting hours-on-end, to reconcile their travel preferences with trip budgets. Finally, Fairjungle’s automated one-click validation workflows allowed managers to easily maintain oversight of their teams’ bookings, eliminating unnecessary travel.


The autonomy-control equation was resolved: bookings could be delegated to travellers themselves and the culture of autonomy and empowerment need not be sacrificed. Moreover, managers gained control and visibility of their travel expenditures as Fairjungle ran the integrated travel policy on “auto-pilot”, ensuring each trip’s cost was within or below budget. When it comes to travel, thanks to Fairjungle, Devialet employees can manage company business travel expenses responsibly, making sure money is best invested for employees, customers, and investors alike.

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