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Global warming is a fact all over the world, and man is largely responsible for it. That's why every person and company can take action to limit this imbalance and protect the environment. But knowing how to do this is not always easy, and if you want to have a positive impact on your business, you will need to take some time to educate yourself.

For example, it is very useful to learn more about CO2 emissions by country. This allows you to identify the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and act accordingly by funding projects or changing your habits. So how about learning more about CO2 emissions by country?

Understanding CO2 emissions and their consequences

Before you learn about CO2 emissions by country, it is important to understand what they are. Of course we are all aware that global warming exists, but do we really understand how greenhouse gases work?

Global warming is caused by the greenhouse gas, which is composed of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). We need these two gases to protect the earth and prevent the temperature from getting too low, but if we have too much greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, the earth's energy does not escape enough and the planet gradually warms up. Of course, we don't feel the temperature changes very much, but a few degrees are enough to disrupt biodiversity, melt the ice, change the ocean currents and raise the sea level. In the long run, global warming generates many dangerous effects for the protection of our beautiful blue planet.

Of course, temperatures on Earth change over time and Man is not entirely responsible for this. The emission of CO2 is above all an acceleration of the warming process and it breaks the very fragile balance of our planet. If the ice melts too fast, it will release a large amount of CO2, the same goes if the oceans warm up very fast and this leads to a chain reaction throughout the world.

It is therefore important to know the CO2 emission per country, this will allow you to know the areas at risk, the possible consequences and how to act against global warming on your side as a person and a company to limit it.

CO2 emissions by country: what you should know

Generally speaking, carbon dioxide has increased by about 40% since industrialization because this gas is produced during the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal or oil. Of course, CO2 is also released by humans and then absorbed by the air or the ocean and too much CO2 released leads to pollution of the air and the oceans which become progressively more acidic.

So which countries are the most responsible for CO2 emissions?

  1. China in first position: almost 10 billion tons of CO2 for this country. Why is this? Mainly because of its numerous exports and its dependence on coal.
  2. The United States in second place: 4.5 billion tons of CO2
  3. India in third place: 2.3 billion tons of CO2

In Europe, the country with the highest CO2 emission is Germany because this country has a strong dependence on coal while France still works a lot with nuclear energy which does not emit carbon into the atmosphere.

But then what can we understand with the CO2 emission per country? These countries often consume coal for their energy but they also have large exports to countries around the world and this leads them to pollute the atmosphere to deliver the goods

What can you do about this CO2 emission per country?

So what can you do about this CO2 emission per country? By targeting actions to the right place and in the right way. For example, you can contribute to the financing of renewable energies and help countries to advance in their energy transition. But you can also change your company's habits.

Import products from closer countries if you can, limit the demand for production in countries with high CO2 emissions as long as no other energy is used. And take the time to develop good habits by giving preference to public transport, optimizing your energy consumption and raising the awareness of your teams to make them want to take action to protect the environment. Helping them to discover the CO2 emission per country can have a strong impact on the change of habits in a company!

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