Corporate carbon offsetting, how to make the right decisions?

Tom Bengaouer
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Every company wants to develop its business on its own scale. There are many parameters to take into account and you need to communicate in the right way with your prospects to be totally transparent. But in the current climate situation, action is needed to limit the increase in global warming. Whatever the size of your company, it is therefore important to build your organisation around the need to preserve our beautiful planet. To do this, you can opt for corporate carbon offsetting, one of the major solutions for effectively participating in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

But how does corporate carbon offsetting work? Can you set it up easily? We've put together some tips on how to successfully implement your corporate carbon offset.

What is corporate carbon offsetting? 

First of all, it is important to define what corporate carbon offsetting is. Indeed, it may not be easy to understand at first glance. Corporate carbon offsetting refers to the action of financing one or more ecological projects through an activity that limits greenhouse gas emissions. As you can see, by engaging in this type of approach, the company finances sustainable development and tries to find a balance with its own CO2 emissions.

We must not fall into the trap of believing that a company is exemplary by financing a project in favour of environmental protection, it must be part of a set of measures to show the company's commitment to our planet.

Corporate carbon offsetting is therefore carried out in different ways depending on the company concerned, by choosing the project to be financed or by purchasing carbon credits according to consumption. Whatever the size of the company, it is possible and above all important to participate in corporate carbon offsetting.

Here are a few examples of projects to be financed in order to act in favour of the environment :

  • Nature projects: tree planting, carbon storage.
  • Financing renewable energy to help its development.
  • Energy saving projects to succeed in producing and limiting energy consumption efficiently.

Why go for corporate carbon offsetting? 

You now understand what corporate carbon offsetting is, but is it really necessary for your company?

The purpose of carbon offsetting is not to benefit from a tax deduction, but to comply with the regulations in force, depending on the size of your company, and to act in favour of the environment.

The main goal is to achieve carbon neutrality at the company level and new regulations may gradually arise to motivate companies to act in favour of our planet. It is therefore important to act now to find the projects that are relevant to your business. But that's not all, by getting a head start you can easily choose the project to finance due to low demand and benefit from a low price.

But what you should not forget is the impact of your financing on a project dedicated to the protection of the environment. It allows you to act for a just cause that concerns us all. Corporate carbon offsetting is thus an ethical commitment that can also allow you to communicate on the subject by setting an example.

It is therefore important for the development of your company to find out about corporate carbon offsetting and we are here to help you.

How to set up your corporate carbon offset?

Do you want to take action and start offsetting your company's carbon footprint? Before doing so, you need to take the time to put in place the various action levers.

Carrying out your GHG assessment : this stage is essential to succeed in situating yourself and knowing the efforts to be made as a priority. Your carbon footprint will help you to have a global vision of your greenhouse gas emissions and you will be able to think about solutions to limit them within your company's organisation. This involves your logistical choices, the way you organise your staff and your transport, for example.

Invest in green energy: this is an important system to put in place to gradually reduce your GHGs while continuing your activity. Energy is essential for the functioning of every company, so it is important to choose an optimal system to succeed in your energy transition.

Calling on the right people: to engage in effective corporate carbon offsetting, you need to select the right projects to fund and choosing them is not easy. Each project needs to be studied to ensure that it fits with your company's values, for example. All of this takes time and a lot of analysis, so you may want to enlist the help of a specialist intermediary to ensure that you get a good corporate carbon offset.

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