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Fairjungle’s CEO to speak about service industry disruption at Cambridge event

Line Itani
Growth Analyst

Fairjungle is pleased to announce that our CEO Saad Berrada has been invited by the University of Cambridge to be a speaker at Cambridge Service Alliance's Industry Day 2020, which brings together leading businesses and universities with a mission to rethink and build service solutions of the future.

Saad will have the honour of sharing the (virtual) stage with a list of impressive industry stalwarts, including Phil Salt, Head of Digital Product Development at Manchester United, Kenji Takeda, Director of Academic Health and AI at Microsoft Research, and Ahmed Wagih, General Manager of L'Oreal Consumer Products. The panel will leverage their rich experience to discuss the ways in which Covid-19 has had a profound and necessary impact on the future of services.

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More about Cambridge Service Alliance's Industry Day 2020:

What is the future of services in the new pandemic-driven era?

Covid-19 has heavily impacted the world of business, forcing most companies out of their status quo. Arguably, this sudden change merely revealed incumbents' pre-existing weaknesses. While big players are slowly crumbling (e.g.  Zara has closed 1,200 stores, Nike is preparing a second stage of staff layoffs), other service providers are not just standing resilient in the face of the pandemic, but are actually thriving.

While digitisation was already an essential business strategy prior to 2020, the health crisis forced an accelerated implementation. It is boosting adoption of trends such as contactless services, remote services, "dematerialised" services, and many more. Technology is no longer an enabler to a company's strategy, it is core to it. It is now a pillar in a firm's foundations.

This ‘Thought Leadership' virtual event brings together speakers who are leaders in their industry. The aim is to promote deep thinking and discussion on how digitally-enabled service companies can make themselves "antifragile" to severe disruptions such as Covid-19. Our guests will also provide instructive advice on how companies can address some of the key challenges they are facing and top tips on how to successfully implement the critical transformations all companies need to undertake in order to strengthen their resiliency and adaptability.

The conference will be held on Wednesday, 7 October 2020 from 9am to 1pm BST. Join us by registering your free place via Eventbrite!

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