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B-Smart interviews Saad Berrada about Fairjungle's latest partnership with Trainline

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Invited as a guest on B-SMART (“la chaîne des audacieux”)'s Le Lab, Fairjungle co-founder and CEO Saad Berrada speaks with journalist Cécilia Severi to present the company's latest partnership with Trainline for Business, and discuss the current disruption affecting the world of business travel (video in French).

Video transcription

PRESENTER: We're here with our third Lab guest. Saad Berrada, hello. You are the co-founder of Fairjungle, which you have come to present to us today. Your field of application is business travel.

SAAD BERRADA: We offer a digital solution for managing and optimizing business travel for companies.

PRESENTER: How does it work?

SAAD BERRADA: We started with a simple observation: companies today have two options for managing their business travel. Either they let their employees book on public platforms, which raises the issue of control and visibility. Or they go through travel agencies. So it hasn't changed much since the 90s and it's still a bit old school. It's a completely degraded experience compared to the public platforms you know, Skyscanner, and above all it's very expensive. So what we do is cut the costs of traditional agencies in half. And we bring a modern experience to business travelers with an intelligent travel companion that allows them to book any plane, train, hotel, car rental on the same platform in less than a minute.

PRESENTER: So it's all inclusive. The formula you propose is between the travel agency and the digital platform, finally?

SAAD BERRADA: Exactly. In fact, we reconcile two worlds. We offer the best of the leisure industry on the same platform, while at the same time providing the control systems that companies need to implement their travel policy and therefore, in particular, to monitor employee consumption and to implement environmentally responsible travel policies.

PRESENTER: So, who are you targeting? Large groups? Small companies?

SAAD BERRADA: So we say that we address modern companies, so it's all the companies that want to modernize the management of their business travel. In concrete terms, this can vary from a startup with 50 people to a large company with several thousand employees.

PRESENTER: So on your website, you say that you apply the McKinsey and Apple method. What is that?

SAAD BERRADA: It so happens that the three co-founders are former McKinsey and Apple employees. We started with a blank sheet of paper and we tried to bring our B2C touch to modernize the management of business travel and the consultant approach, to think about the problems and pain points of today's business travelers and how we can address them. So, instead of using the same paradigm as the old ones from the travel world, we tried to bring a fresh eye and that's what made us rethink the whole experience of the traveler and the travel manager from A to Z.

PRESENTER: So to finish, a last word, you have a news, a partnership, I think?

SAAD BERRADA: We have just signed a partnership with Timeline Line, which is the leader in train ticket distribution in Europe. This allows us to have more than 250 railway companies listed on the platform.

PRESENTER: And also to expand into Europe?

SAAD BERRADA: Exactly. So today, our footprint is essentially France and the UK. And the idea is to expand throughout Europe.

PRESENTER: Thank you very much to Saad Berrada for coming to present Fairjungle.

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