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Airline Covid-19 policies

Helena Chiacchierini
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After a period of unstable health crisis, the summer of 2022 is shaping up to be a great time for travel. Airlines are operating all their routes again and have even increased their flight offer for some very popular destinations such as Portugal, Italy or the United States. Most countries have reopened or announced their reopening for the summer. This is the case of Japan. More and more countries are easing their sanitary restrictions on entry. Some of them do not ask for anything anymore or simply a negative screening test for non-vaccinated people. Several European countries, the United Kingdom and Argentina are examples of this. Others, such as Tunisia, abolish quarantine. Finally, some countries, such as Morocco, Australia and Canada, maintain the vaccination pass. Is it always necessary to have a compelling reason to travel? Is a PCR or antigenic test required to fly? Is the vaccine mandatory? Aéroports Voyages informs you on the conditions of entry in force of the various countries thanks to the guide of the destinations constantly updated.

This is a summary of the policies of select airlines. It does not represent their full terms and conditions and we recommend you navigate to their respective websites for further information. You can click on the airline name to jump directly to their website.

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Airline Covid-19 policies

For information on airline health & safety measures, please visit this site (available in only French). It will allow you to determine which airlines have non-contact check-in, physical distancing procedures, temperature control checks, and other measures in place.

Aer Lingus

Air Canada

Air Europa

Air France

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

British Airways










Qatar Airways


Southwest Airlines

Singapore Airlines

TAP Air Portugal

United Airlines

Virgin Atlantic


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