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How Fairjungle helps Pretto

Pretto, your fintech partner, advises 15,000 customers, finances €3B in loans annually, with 220 employees and recent €30M funding.

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Being in a period of strong growth due to the company's recent fundraising, in order to maintain or even increase this growth, they had a major need to streamline and centralize their business travel management.

With an ever-growing fleet of over 200 travelers, the need for skills in travel accounting and reporting was becoming too great, requiring more financial and human resources.

Pretto also aims to strengthen its travel policy. To do this, they required reliable automation that would respect their limitations, both in terms of costs and the environmental impact of travel.


Adopting the Fairjungle solution has enabled Pretto to solve its booking fluidity problems and even lighten the workload of the Office Managers.

Our automation and centralization solution is the perfect answer to this problem, and has enabled them to achieve almost total autonomy. Today, 99% of their travelers can book their trips themselves, while choosing routes that meet the criteria of their new travel policy.

The detailed reports provided by our tool have enabled the company to gain total visibility over its travels, and to review its CSR commitments on travel in order to implement a new travel policy. This visibility and the implementation of a new travel policy enabled Pretto to make the following observation: Today, 98% of the company's travel is by train.

"Lighten your workload and free your mind by empowering your employees, while keeping control of costs and travel overviews!"

Julie Legalché, Office Manager, Pretto.

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