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How Fairjungle helps 5àsec

5àsec, a dry cleaning company since 1968. With a global presence in 30+ countries, they lead the industry in innovation and service.

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5àsec has implemented a new corporate travel policy. But, to ensure its relevance and implementation, they have a huge lack of visibility and control, whether in travel management, from a budgetary or even ecological point of view.

To improve their travel optimization objectives, 5àsec needs detailed, granular travel reports. Having a detailed, case-by-case view would enable them to analyze and improve each point independently. Whether the aim is to save time, cut costs or reduce their environmental impact.

A major point that 5àsec has encountered in its business travel management is the lack of efficiency of customer services, which are often too slow, too inefficient or simply not human.


Since adopting Fairjungle, in addition to saving time for Office Managers, 5àsec has had access to detailed reports for each of its trips and travelers.

These reports provide total visibility on each of their actions, and thanks to this visibility, it is possible for the company to ensure that their new travel policy is implemented and compliant.

Past bad experiences with low-quality customer service, sometimes handled by robots, are now a thing of the past. On all bookings made since 2021, the company has achieved 95% customer service satisfaction.

"Fairjungle helps me save time while maintaining 100% control with the validation system. Analytical tracking makes my life easier!"

Nathalie Guerrier, Executive Office Manager, 5àsec.

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