What is the CO2 emission per sector?

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To develop your business, you have certainly already spent a lot of time setting up your offers, organizing, and studying your customers' behavior to adapt. But to evolve while being environmentally friendly, it is important to learn about your CO2 emission. In order to make the right decisions, you will need to know the CO2 emission by sector, whether it is at the global or national level.

A good knowledge of the carbon footprint will help you to situate your company and your activity while taking the right decisions to limit your gas emissions according to the sector concerned. So what is the CO2 emission per sector?

What are the sectors with the highest CO2 emissions?

It is important for professionals and countries to know their carbon footprint because it corresponds to the impact of the activity on the environment through the emission of greenhouse gases. This helps to know the impact of an activity on climate change and to become aware of the changes to be made in each sector.

Of course, each sector is responsible for climate change, but some sectors are more polluting and being aware of this can allow companies to implement effective actions to quickly reduce CO2 emissions.

But what are the areas most concerned by the emission of greenhouse gases?

  • Energy with the production of heat and electricity, about 25%.
  • Agriculture, about 24%.
  • Industry, about 21%.
  • Various energy production, about 10% Ø Construction, about 6
  • Construction, about 6%.

This estimate of CO2 emissions by sector on a global scale is based on an average for each country in order to have a global vision. This does not mean that the distribution is the same for each developed country, so it is important to also find out about the country in which you carry out your professional activity.

For example, in France, the sector with the highest greenhouse gas emissions is the transportation sector, not energy. Therefore, think about analyzing the CO2 emissions by sector at different levels to understand the impact of your activity and that of your country.

Find out about CO2 emissions by sector in France

If your company is located in France, it is in your interest to find out about the activity of this country to know the emission of greenhouse gases. So which sectors are the most affected by pollution in France?

  • Transportation with about 41% of the total
  • Energy and its production with about 21
  • The industry and construction sector with about 13%.

In France, it is therefore important to change one's transportation habits by moving as soon as possible to a public transportation solution such as the train or the bus for example. It is also necessary for each company to optimize its activity to limit its energy consumption.

By knowing the CO2 emission per sector in France, you will be able to choose the priority areas for which you need to set up a CO2 emission reduction. However, having a global vision does not mean that you have to do everything to reduce your CO2 emission at all costs at each level of your activity. This will always be time consuming and complex to implement.

It is especially important to be aware of the global and national situation in order to know where to prioritize your efforts and at what scale.

Faced with this CO2 emission by sector, how can you act?

So how can you act at your level by knowing the CO2 emission by sector? You can carry out your own carbon assessment to know where you stand and how to act effectively. Indeed, if you have already optimized the transport part in your company and you can hardly do better, it will be much more efficient to focus your efforts on another sector like energy.

You can also take the time to find out about CO2 emissions by sector at the regional level! So before you start reducing your carbon footprint, take some time to become aware of CO2 emissions at different scales. This can help you prioritize the right sector to improve your company's operations.

  • Choose your employees according to their commitment to protect the environment.
  • Review your company's logistics to reduce your CO2 emissions.
  • Optimize your facilities to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

All that remains is for you to take the time to prioritize the most polluting sectors in order to review your organization and protect the environment at your level!

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