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What you need to know about the SNCF telework pass

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Since Covid19, many companies have decided to develop telecommuting for their employees in order to allow everyone to continue their activity during periods of restrictions and confinements. Some professionals have kept this telework organization but still have to go to their company premises once or twice a week. For this, the best solution is often the train, but each journey has a cost, and you must think of organizing yourself to benefit from the best prices.

The SNCF (French national railway company) has looked into the matter to propose an offer adapted to teleworking professionals, and this is how the SNCF teleworking subscription was born. How does it work and what are its advantages? This is what we are going to see!

What is the SNCF telework subscription?

If you want to take advantage of an SNCF subscription for telecommuting, you should look for the subscription called "Max Actif" or "Max Actif +". Indeed, this formula is set up for telecommuting workers and it allows you to take the train several times a week on predefined routes while enjoying certain advantages.

This SNCF telework subscription allows you to travel from Monday to Thursday without paying extra, you can exchange or modify your journey for free in case of unforeseen events, up to 30mins before the departure of your train. To do so, you just have to subscribe to the subscription and pay a monthly fee over 12 months.

With your SNCF telework subscription, you can program your trips two months in advance to set up your schedules and choose the times that correspond to your needs more easily.

But that's not all, your SNCF telework subscription allows you to accumulate points on your Grand Voyageur loyalty program, which can help you recover up to €200 with 40,000 points. But you can also benefit from the G30 Proactive guarantee, which allows you to recover points on the frequent traveler club in case of delays in your journeys.

So, if you need to make regular trips every week to your company's premises, to make a trip from Paris to Lyon for example, or from Paris to Toulon, choosing an SNCF telework subscription will help you control your budget while enjoying the advantages of the Max Actif subscription.

Understand how this SNCF telework subscription works

But how can you benefit from this Max Actif or Max Actif + subscription? There is only one criterion to respect: make the same trip 2-3 times a week to make your subscription profitable. It is therefore ideal for telecommuting professionals.

To take advantage of your SNCF telework subscription, you will need to take out an annual subscription that you can pay monthly.

Your SNCF telework subscription will give you access to 250 journeys per year from the route you have defined for TGV or Intercités transport. But in concrete terms, how does it work?

  • Select your journey with a departure and an arrival. All you have to do is validate your selection and subscribe for an annual SNCF telework subscription. Once you have registered, all you have to do is take advantage of the Max Actif benefits to book your trains in advance for up to two months.
  • You can change or cancel your trips up to 30 minutes before departure to reschedule your trips with peace of mind.
  • The fare: your fare will be fixed according to the defined journey and the comfort options. But you will make your SNCF telework subscription profitable in a maximum of 4 trips. And if you travel almost every day of the week, you can choose the SNCF Max Actif + subscription.

This telecommuting subscription is very practical to help you set up your commute, without forgetting to receive financial assistance from your employer for the work trips made.

An SNCF telework subscription also available for your TER

It is possible to carry out your professional trips at the regional level, and not need this SNCF Max Actif telework subscription. However, you can take advantage of other options for your professional trips.

Indeed, different regions have developed adapted offers:

  • PACA region: Zou! offer with 20-30 trips per month at 70% discount.
  • New Aquitaine Region: 20% discount compared to a monthly subscription.
  • Normandy Region: Flexi'Pass with 20 trips, 20% savings.
  • Hauts de France region: 10 trips at 67% discount.

So don't hesitate to contact the SNCF to find out what is available and select the one that best suits your home-to-company commute outside your telecommuting hours.

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