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Prepare your Ryanair travel insurance before you leave

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Whether it is for a personal or professional travel project, you will certainly have to choose the airplane as a means of transportation to reach certain destinations. The airlines are numerous and it will be difficult to make your choice by finding the best value for money. However, some companies stand out like the low-cost ones allowing you to travel at low cost for short trips abroad. This is for example the case of the company Ryanair which offers routes to 37 countries and allows you to travel in Europe.

But have you already planned your Ryanair travel insurance ? This subscription, presented as optional, will allow you to protect yourself against possible hazards during your trip. So should you subscribe to this insurance or skip it ? That's what we'll see !

What are the guarantees of Ryanair travel insurance ?

If you are planning your trip for a business event abroad or a family vacation, you probably already have many things to think about. Your accommodation, transportation, flight booking or planning during your stay. But have you thought about how to protect yourself from a bad surprise?

A Ryanair travel insurance is a contract that will allow you to benefit from a protection during a trip abroad. The contract you choose will cover different aspects and will allow you to be accompanied and taken care of in certain situations such as an accident, an illness contracted during your stay, a loss of your papers and luggage, etc. It is therefore wise to find out about Ryanair travel inrsurance before you leave to avoid unpleasant surprises during your professional or personal trip abroad.

But what is a Ryanair travel insurance ?

  • Insurance: coverage of expenses during a trip abroad to cover claims (doctor, exams, hospitalization...)
  • Assistance: assistance on site to help you with your procedures (sending medication, repatriation...)

Your Ryanair travel insurance allows you to leave with peace of mind as long as you subscribe to the offer adapted to your needs beforehand. We have prepared a few explanations on the guarantees offered by this airline.

  • Medical and hospitalization expenses
  • Assistance and repatriation
  • Civil liability abroad

And here are the options available according to the contracts offered by Ryanair:

  • Cancellation and flight modification insurance
  • Luggage insurance
  • Legal fees
  • Relief costs

You can therefore choose the formula that best suits your needs by selecting from 3 formulas.

  • Ryanair classic travel insurance: classic coverage.
  • Ryanair Travel Plus Insurance: also includes ticket cancellation insurance.
  • Ryanair Multi-Trip Insurance: annual coverage for all trips made with the company.

Is Ryanair travel insurance mandatory to leave ?

You now understand what this Ryanair travel insurance is, but is it really useful for your foreign travel project?

This protection is not presented as mandatory when you book your flight, however the subscription to an insurance is strongly recommended. Indeed, this type of protection will help you receive assistance in case of theft or accident while providing financial assistance depending on the situation.

This will prevent you from ruining your trip, having to deal with a flight cancellation on your own, or having to find emergency solutions in an already stressful situation. Whether it's for a business or personal trip, think about finding out about Ryanair travel insurance because it could save you from a disaster scenario!

However, you should know that if you travel in Europe, your social security will still cover you and it is outside Europe that you will have to find an alternative solution to cover your medical expenses in case of problems.

Are you interested in this Ryanair travel insurance ? But what is the budget to take advantage of it ? This will depend on the coverage you want during your trip, as the price will depend on certain elements:

  • Destination and duration
  • Traveler profile
  • Number of insureds to be expected

For example, you can take out Ryanair travel insurance for a short stay for less than 20€ per person, or upgrade to an annual multi-trip insurance for less than 50€. It is important to remember that Ryanair uses Europ Assistance for its Ryanair travel insurance, so the airline is not the direct insurer.

But how can you apply for this travel insurance? Simply by asking for the offers available at the agency or by doing your application online. You will have to fill in the right information to check your eligibility and read your insurance contract carefully before finalizing the subscription. All you have to do is finalize the preparation of your trip to enjoy it with peace of mind!

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