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How to deduct travel expenses from your tax return?

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If you incur travel expenses in the course of your professional activity, it's important to keep track of your expenses, gather together your receipts and make the right calculations to get a clear picture of your expenses. It is possible to obtain reimbursement for certain expenses, provided you take the right steps. But did you know that you can also deduct travel expenses from your taxes?

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen automatically, which is why we're going to help you deduct business expenses properly!

What business expenses can you deduct from your taxes?

Before you start deducting your business expenses, it's important to clarify how this works. As a general rule, when you declare your salary, you will find a deduction of 10% corresponding to costs linked to professional expenses.

But what are business expenses? These include meals, training, rental or purchase of equipment related to your job. 

However, if you take a little time to calculate your business expenses, you'll soon realize that the total quickly exceeds the 10% tax allowance applied by the tax authorities. 

So how do you deduct your business expenses when you file your tax return? To do so, you need to set up an actual expense deduction, with a clear calculation and a deduction adapted to your expenses.

  • But what are the elements taken into account for business mileage expenses?

In addition to the distance and power of the vehicle, the scale takes into account factors such as protection, repairs and fuel consumption. But certain costs, such as parking or unexpected repairs, are not included in the calculations.

So, to deduct travel expenses from your taxes, you'll need to know your mileage allowance.

  • How to calculate tax-deductible mileage allowances?

Between 0 and 40 km from home, you can include the full distance in the calculation of expenses. Beyond 40 km, the excess will not be taken into account unless you can provide proof of special circumstances.

It's also important to note that you can only count one round trip per day as a tax deduction, unless you have a health problem, for example.

How can I deduct travel expenses from my taxes?

To deduct expenses correctly, you'll need to refer to the scale in force and, if necessary, use an official simulator. It is important to redo your calculation each year, so that you can enter the correct information on your tax return.

  • How can I deduct travel expenses from my taxes? 

You can deduct your travel expenses on your n2042 tax return, in the "Salaries, wages, pensions, annuities" section, by adding the information in box 1AK. As indicated on your tax return, you will need to add a detailed list on paper, with supporting documents if necessary.

  • How do you invoice tax-deductible travel expenses?

You'll need to gather all the supporting documents and take the time to declare your expenses to the company, so that it can integrate the billing of your expenses into the contract.

  • What is included in tax-deductible transport costs?

Tax-deductible travel expenses cover daily journeys of up to 80km, and vehicle operating costs. The scale takes into account the vehicle's power and annual mileage, as well as depreciation and related expenses.

  • What meal expenses are tax-deductible?

Meals cost €5 per meal and €9.70 per day.

Deducting travel expenses from your tax bill will save you money. But you can also arrange to deduct other expenses related to your professional activity, such as training, purchases related to your job or moving.

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