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Fairjungle is listed in STATION F’s 2020 TOP 30 startups!

Sagar Chandaria
VP Sales & Director UK

Fairjungle has just been selected in the 2020 edition of STATION F’s TOP 30 startups list. This list, released every year, gathers STATION F’s top performing startups of the year — whether it be achieving growth, securing funding, or getting acquired.

There are so many startup successes happening at STATION F and it can be hard to keep up. These are the successes we really wanted to highlight…, keep your eyes on their companies, their teams and their founders.
— Roxanne Varza, STATION F’s Director
Young entrepreneurs sitting outside of STATION F in Paris

This selection among more than 1,000 startups rewards an outstanding year at Fairjungle. Major milestones include $2m+ in funding, new web and mobile platforms, train integration, and, most importantly, impressive commercial growth.

We are very proud of this achievement. Being selected a TOP 30 startup from all the companies that have a presence here is incredibly humbling. We have a long way to go, but are very grateful for what we’ve been able to achieve and the opportunities afforded to us at Station F.
— Saad Berrada, CEO of Fairjungle

This year’s TOP 30 collectively raised over €67 million, include 3 acquisitions, and a number of diverse teams with female or international founders. They cover all kinds of industries and technologies, including AI, greentech, medtech, fintech, retail, foodtech, SaaS and more. Startups are nominated through their programs and are then validated by the STATION F team if the startup respects the community values.

Fairjungle banner with screenshots of the mobile and desktop versions of the business travelling platform

About Fairjungle

Fairjungle is a B2B SaaS platform that has reimagined the way modern companies manage travel, offering a digital travel management solution. Our integrated, one-stop desktop & mobile-native tech solution completely modernises business travel management with the best, consumer-grade booking experience on the planet. With Fairjungle you get:

  • Cost-effective travel with no hidden costs, no mark-ups, and access to preferential hotel rates. Our unique technology dynamically budgets each trip based on real-time market prices and automatically filters out more expensive options typically allowed by traditional travel policies or platforms
  • Complete control thanks to our smart travel policies that run on auto-pilot and go well beyond basic class restrictions or advance days booking rules. We can even enforce eco-responsible travel thanks to our embedded eco-friendly business travel policies. Our dashboards let you know your travellers’ whereabouts at all times, giving you peace of mind
  • Incredible productivity boosts with our AI-driven travel recommendation engine and direct API to ERP integration. Imagine making a booking in less than 60 seconds or never having to reconcile another spreadsheet again, thanks to our centralising corporate travel expenses tool!

With Fairjungle you can rest assured that your travel program is running smartly and smoothly and spend your time where it matters most: growing your business.

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