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Fairjungle CEO speaks of reinventing business travel during Cambridge’s Industry Day 2020

Line Itani
Growth Analyst

Taking part of Cambridge Service Alliance's Industry Day 2020, Fairjungle's CEO Saad Berrada tackled the ways in which to reinvent the travel industry during and post Covid-19. Saad had the honour of sharing the (virtual) stage of this University of Cambridge event with a list of engaging industry stalwarts, including Phil Salt, Head of Digital Product Development at Manchester United, Kenji Takeda, Director of Health and AI Partnerships (Academic) at Microsoft Research, and Ahmed Wagih, General Manager of L'Oréal Consumer Products.

More about Cambridge Service Alliance's Industry Day 2020's theme:

What is the future of services in the new pandemic-driven era?

Covid-19 has heavily impacted the world of business, forcing most companies out of their status quo. Arguably, this sudden change merely revealed incumbents' pre-existing weaknesses. While big players are slowly crumbling (e.g.  Zara has closed 1,200 stores, Nike is preparing a second stage of staff lay-offs), other service providers are not just standing resilient in the face of the pandemic, but are actually thriving.

While digitisation was already an essential business strategy prior to 2020, the health crisis forced an accelerated implementation. It is boosting adoption of trends such as contactless services, remote services, "dematerialised" services, and many more. Technology is no longer an enabler to a company's strategy, it is core to it. It is now a pillar in a firm's foundations.

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