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Fairjungle’s CEO to debate future of business travel distribution at #FBTLive event

Line Itani
Growth Analyst
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It is Fairjungle's pleasure to announce that our CEO Saad Berrada will be speaker at Eventiz Media Group's FBT LIVE event, bringing together travel professionals from across the board to discuss the future of the industry post-Covid-19.

During this rich, day-long event, Saad will take part in a debate along with knowledgeable travel and related industry players: Thibault Lenoir, Executive VP Commercial at APG Inc, Philippe Korcia, General director of Voyages Eurafrique, and Katharina Navarro, Global Category Manager Travel at Capgemini. The speakers will leverage their vast and diverse experience to discuss the future of distribution in the travel industry, starting 10.15 CET.

More about the #FBTLive Event, discussing new trends in business travel:

The multiple crises induced by the Covid-19 pandemic are drastically affecting the business travel industry and its customers. Needs, desires and necessities are changing. As they do, they imposingly affect both customers and the ecosystem of suppliers who must innovate to adapt swiftly, sometimes even inventing new services or business lines.

In this new edition,, with the support of Déplacements Pros, is virtualizing its event, and live streaming it as a continuous information channel specialized in professional mobility. Designed to help decision-makers, this #FBTLive event will include interviews, debates, case studies and chronicles. The event presents a unique opportunity to learn from the top experts of the moment as they share their knowledge with us.

If you are a travel stakeholder, or are interested in the industry, this is your opportunity to watch the participants and ask them your questions!

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