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5x growth, Station F Top 30... here are Fairjungle's 2020 highlights

Line Itani
Growth Analyst

2020 has been a fairly unusual year for everyone. Covid has hit hard our sector, leaving a lot of uncertainty around the future of travel. At Fairjungle, we managed to stay strong, motivated and worked twice as hard to build a solution that adapts to the new mobility paradigm.

With the recent good news around vaccine development and the new year fast approaching, 2021 is promising to be an exciting year. But before we do that, let's do a quick recap of what happened in 2020:

​5x growth, Station F Top 30, 4.9/5 Trustpilot rating

Albeit travel being put to a stop, Fairjungle has witnessed an exceptional year in terms of client traction, with Covid-19 pushing companies to rethink mobility and lean towards more agile, more automated and more sustainable travel solutions. Here are the quick highlights :

  • 5x growth vs. 2019 in travel volumes under management
  • Despite Covid, managed to sign 92 clients in 2020, covering 12 different sectors, among which Malt, Devialet, Akuo Energy, Iziwork...
  • Selected in Station F Top 30 for 2020
  • Rated 4.9/5 by our users on Trustpilot

Selected in the top 30, amongst more than 1,000 startups in France.

Making business travel smarter

At Fairjungle, we invest heavily in R&D to develop state-of-the-art technology catered to modern companies' needs. Here are some of our key tech achievements this year:

  • Fairjungle now supports trains, with French rail providers like SNCF TGV / TGV Inoui / Intercité / TER, but also European rail providers with Thalys / Eurostar and Lyria.
  • Deployed a Universal API that automates HR & Finance tasks (HR integration, Safety API, finance API & ERP integration...)
  • Built state of the art live reporting dashboards
  • Developed our own door-to-door search engine, with a built-in train vs flight dynamic comparator
  • And many more : Google SSO, multi-account handling, monthly billing, loyalty cards / discount cards, negotiated rates...

Expanding our ecosystem with 4 strategic partnerships

In the spirit of building a new age business travel ecosystem, we have sealed 4 new partnerships in 2020, with the absolute best-in-class players in their fields :

  • SNCF to get full fledge distribution capability
  • Trainline as a tech provider for rail distribution in Europe
  • FCM Travel Solution to support with offline operations
  • British Airways : A to get exclusive access to their content

Revamped the website and built a recognized knowledge center

  • Fully revamped and pumped up website
  • Built a Covid-19 travel resource center
  • Developed our own Travel Reboot Kit : a simple and comprehensive approach to help your restart business travel in your company.
  • Published 50+ insightful articles & 10+ free tools to help CFOs and Office Managers get a hold of their travel management

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