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Checklist: organizing your business trip abroad

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Real sources of stress, business trips also represent a real opportunity and a chance to develop contacts and business in a short period. Between all the constraints to be taken into consideration when making a business trip abroad, it seems essential to plan a good organization so that this trip doesn't turn into a nightmare.

First of all, you should ask yourself if you really have to travel, if so why and with what means of transportation. These elements will allow you to define the bases of your trip if it is necessary and to be able to organize yourself accordingly.

We have put together a checklist for organizing your business trip abroad.

Managing your time

Anticipation is the key to professional travel abroad, especially when it comes to time management. Here are some points not to be missed:

  • Define your objectives beforehand (achievable within the allotted time)
  • Plan deadlines
  • Manage your absence from the office
  • Move your scheduled appointments to the office if you have to travel in a hurry
  • Plan trips between professional appointments
  • Anticipate your arrival and departure according to the organization of your appointments

Managing your budget

Even if it is a complex task, managing your budget is essential to the good preparation of a business trip. Here is what you must think about:

  • Calculate travel costs in advance for the following items:

→ Transportation

→ Meals

→ Accommodation

→ Seminar/meeting rooms if necessary

  • Limit the costs involved (booking, flexibility, or exchange fees)
  • Organize expenses and apply a budget
  • Know the margin allowed for the budget set

Managing the formalities

Organizing a business trip abroad also means preparing the formalities according to the destination and the needs. A quick reminder is therefore necessary:

  • Understand the security issues with the necessary insurance
  • Think about the documents that are essential to the smooth running of the trip:

→ Identity document (valid identity card or passport)

→ Visa

→ Boarding passes/tickets

→ European health insurance card

  • Inquire about technical details:

→ Phone plan

→ Current currency

→ Bank card abroad

  • Research the destination country (traditions, organizations, weather) but especially the health rules in effect.
  • Know the sanitary rules of your travel companies

These few tips will allow you to anticipate and organize your business trips abroad without them becoming tedious and anxiety-provoking tasks for you and your employees.

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