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The Bluebiz program

The Bluebiz program is the result of a partnership between Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines, CHINA EASTERN between France and Shanghai, and CHINA SOUTHERN between France and China. This program launched in 2009 for business travelers was designed to make business travel more fluid by allowing business travelers to earn blue credits at the end of each trip. You can join directly by filling out this form.


Each accumulated blue credit gives you the equivalent of one euro, and these accumulated euros can be converted. There are several conversion options available to you:

  • Purchase of tickets for future trips
  • Purchase of travel passes
  • Payment of options such as additional luggage or in-flight purchases
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions: The CO2ZERO program aims to make travel CO2 neutral by offering program members the opportunity to convert their credits to offset the emissions produced by their past travel. This is a CO2OL Tropical Mix reforestation project in Panama directly linked to the Bluebiz program.

These credits can easily be added to your flying blue card (mileage credits) and therefore allow you to benefit from considerable advantages during your future business trips. Of course, the blue credits depend on your trips and in particular on the price of the tickets. Thus, 3 blue credits are credited for every 100 euros spent.


In addition to the significant economic advantage of the bluebiz program, it offers additional benefits:

  • Priority: priority access for boarding, priority treatment in case of irregularity or on the waiting list
  • Flexibility: change of name on a ticket, guaranteed seat in economy class in case of a full flight, "book now, pay later" service
  • Discounts: 100 euro discount on the France-Europe-North Africa travel card
  • Welcome or promotional bonuses all year round

Fairjungle offers an innovative solution for your business travels and includes this Bluebiz program in your trips. As part of our commitment to an eco-friendly policy, we can enter your membership code so that you can earn blue credits to offset your carbon footprint as quickly as possible.

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