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The smart business travel platform.

With Fairjungle, you can book, manage and track your business travel like no other platform in the market.

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Our AI-powered booking engine makes booking cheap, easy and secure. Fueled by our extensive inventory of trains, flights and hotels.

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The Smart Policy center gives deep control over travel choices and spend. Set the rules and workflows you need, the platform handles the rest.

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Our real-time data reporting tools help you steer corporate travel performance.  No more hidden trips, receipts chasing or paperwork.

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Our unique features

Non-essential trip identification

The best business trip is the one that does not require any travel, money-wise and carbon-wise. Our platform allows you to surgically remove all unnecessary spend thanks to our AI-enhanced  travel policies and granular approval processes.

Built-in travel companion

Use our groundbreaking on-the-go travel companion on iPhone to book trips, review your detailed step-by-step itinerary, get real-time alerts and reminders and easily connect with our travel specialists 24/7. With a few taps on your mobile.

API: Universal by Design

Easily integrate our platform with your HR and Finance processes (management control, user profiles, reporting, …) thanks to our top-class travel management REST API.
Smart predictive booking
Save time, money and carbon emissions with our AI-powered recommendations, our carbon-frendly route optimization, and our calendar-based proactive notifications that warn you when you should book your trip for your upcoming meetings.


Relevant content

Access to unbeatable prices thanks to our extensive inventory of trains, flights and hotels. Curated for B2B.

Forward-looking experience

Drive adoption and make your employees happy with our forward-looking booking experience. Your travellers can plan, book and review their next trips from door-to-door in a few clicks. You'll make your employees happier and more productive.



World's most granular control

Use our built-in dynamic policies or set your business rules in the Smart Policy centre. Our technology uses real-time market prices and data to assess the compliance of each business trip.

Automated compliance enforcement

Booking ban, approval workflows or notifications can be set in a few clicks. You can even decide to apply them to all your employees or a specific group. You no longer need to worry about your employees' travel choices.


Invoices centralization

You will never have to chase your travel invoices again. Our platform centralizes all the invoices and receipts of your account, in one interface. You can even get them through our unique REST API.

Data for better travel performance

Get access, in real-time, to KPIs (e.g., travel spend per team, per-supplier budget, booking lead time) that will give you the visibility you need to improve your travel performance (also available through API).

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Malt logodevialet_logopretto_logoladbible_logo
"We really like the platform! Flights were cheaper than using our travel agent and I really like pushing the travel booking down to the traveller. Going to roll it out company-wide when travel picks back up."
"Oh, wow, now I see the booking in my Emirates app.
So quick. I love your app."
Senior Operations Manager, AKUO ENERGY
"Booking my own travel on public websites, expensing them, being on call with airline call centres was a nightmare. Now it literally takes me seconds to do everything in one place. I can finally chill."
Chief Operating Officer, MALT