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Travel agency fees: how do they work?

Grégory Meslin
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Planning a business trip takes time and organization. That's why it's often best to use a professional to organize your stay and make sure you have everything you need. You need to be able to coordinate your flight, accommodation and activities in the shortest possible time. 

So it's not surprising that you'll incur travel agency fees if you delegate this organization. But how is this organized?

The different travel agency fees to consider for your trip

There are a large number of travel agencies offering different services. So you'll come across different service charges, depending on the agency and the project requested.

But what are travel agency fees? Agency fees cover booking, modification or cancellation, service and file management.

Booking fees cover flights and accommodation, to cover the work carried out by the agent in charge of organizing your trip. You may also encounter modification and cancellation fees, so it's important to find out beforehand when requesting a quote.

Service fees refer to the advice we provide to help you make the most of your trip. This part is not necessarily included in travel agency fees.

Finally, administration fees cover the administrative management of your project, and you'll often find them on vacation packages.

  • Are travel agency fees compulsory?

Yes, travel agency fees are part of the prices offered by the various professionals in charge of your stay. However, fees vary depending on your destination, the travelers, the services requested and the period. That's why you need to request a quote with clear information about your needs, so you can use a comparison tool effectively.

Comparison of travel agency fees

What do travel agencies charge? Traditional and modern travel agencies all charge different rates, depending on the project. It is therefore impossible to provide exact information on the fees applied in general.

How are travel agency fees applied? Fees are applied according to the agency and the contracts it has with partners. The type of trip and specific needs are also taken into account when calculating travel agency fees.

To organize your stay, take the time to make a request to one of the agencies to compare rates adapted to your project.

  • Fram: this travel agency specializes in stays and tours, so it often works with a package system for calculating costs. These depend on the type of trip. A handling fee must be added for each project selected.
  • Carrefour Voyages: this traditional travel agency sells all-inclusive packages. The fees apply to the package selected, plus booking fees.
  • Navan: this modern travel agency will charge a fee for each customized service. They will therefore be adjusted according to your tailor-made project.
  • Swile: this modern agency offers a range of benefits such as gift cards and lunch vouchers, but you won't have to pay any traditional fees.
  • Egencia: this agency offers booking services for companies with an easily accessible system. Fees also vary according to the company's needs.
  • Fairjungle: this business travel management platform allows you to optimize your organization to control costs while offering an optimal travel experience. You can easily compare flight and accommodation rates to prepare your trip in the best possible way.

The Travel Agency Fee Comparison Tool is a powerful resource to help you understand and compare travel agency fees based on your needs. We've put this tool at your disposal to help you compare travel agency fees, save precious time and optimize your budget.

If you're a professional looking to organize a trip, we strongly advise you to use this travel agency cost comparator to optimize every expense and keep your budget under control!

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