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Business travel agency fees calculator

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Traditionally, companies are used to working with a travel agency that has been planning their business travels for years. By force of habit, many of these companies never saw a shift to more modern, agile, and cost-efficient solutions.

It is no secret, however, that Covid-19 has forced organizations into cost-cutting, leaving travel budgets rather restrained. More than ever today, it is essential for companies to move towards more fit-for-purpose, cost and time-efficient solutions that offer them and their employees real value for their travel management.

Business travel agency fees calculator

While building benchmarking Excel sheets can prove to be a time-consuming and repetitive task for office managers, there is no better way to clearly put down and compare all cost centres related to corporate travel. That is, especially that agencies charge fees per transactions, making the final cost highly unpredictable and unstable. Modern travel solutions, on the other hand, are adopting the SaaS pricing model with an all inclusive fixed fee per active user, regardless of post-trip operations. By comparing both options, you might just find that modern business travel platforms will best fit your corporate travel needs.

To help office managers with this tedious task, we've put together Fairfees, an agency fee comparator Google sheet containing all possible costs one might encounter when dealing with traditional travel companies.

agency fee comparator.png

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